Top 10 Climate Cultist Carbon Conspiracies Destroyed By Truth

The apparent world ending killer gas – CO2 true colours revealed

Top 10 Climate Cultist Carbon Conspiracies

Alright so we got a lot to get into with this one, get comfy, grab a hot drink and lets get into it.

The Conspiracies

1. Anthropogenic Climate Change: Human activity is supposedly causing climate change and one of the main culprits is CO2 from fossil fuels.

2. More CO2 Means A Warmer Planet: Rising CO2 levels are apparently leading to higher global temperatures, resulting in more frequent and severe heatwaves, changing weather patterns, and disrupted ecosystems.

3. The Ice Caps Are Melting and Sea Level Rising Because Of CO2: The warming caused by elevated CO2 levels is apparently contributing to the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, leading to rising sea levels and increased risk of coastal flooding.

4. More CO2 and Global Warming Means More Extreme Weather and more death: Higher CO2 concentrations and global warming are apparently linked to more frequent and intense extreme weather events, including hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires resulting in more climate related deaths than ever before.

5. The Worlds Going To End Without Carbon Sequestration: It’s all over for our way of life unless we destroy our way life. Or something like that.

6. We Need Renewable Energy En Masse to Save the World: Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, wind, hydroelectric) is supposedly crucial for reducing CO2 emissions and combating climate change, promoting sustainable development, and enhancing energy security.

7. It Has Never Been Hotter In Recent History Than It Is Right Now And It Is Because Of CO2: The hockey stick graph ‘proves’ that we are seeing unprecedented warming in recent years and its because of CO2.

8. Agriculture and Methane Emissions Are a Serious Threat to our Society: While CO2 is the primary focus, this narrative also highlights the significant role of agriculture in producing methane (CH4), and how cow burps are going to end the world.

9. We must decimate industries to Reduce Carbon Emissions: The only way our society is going to survive is if we can destroy everything that produces CO2.

10. We Are Currently Experiencing The Highest Levels Of CO2 In Millions Of Years: Because CO2 levels have never been this high in recorded history its pretty much the end of the world unless we can reduce carbon emissions.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I shall present the truth. Enjoy.

Carbon Climate Con 1 Anthropogenic Climate Change

The Climate alarmists would have you believe that the climate is changing overwhelmingly due to human activity. What they often forget to mention is the climate has always changed. It has changed long before humans were around and way before we began the industrial revolution.

Manipulation of data, statistics and graphs is a key component of this lie. As me and Gregory Wrightstone covered in the show we did together the 97% of scientists agree on mad made climate change line is a clever sleight of hand. There is a lot of trickery like that in this field. Essentially, even if a lot of scientists agree on man made climate change, the proportional effects we have compared to natural causes are negligible.

We may have a tiny impact but it is absolutely nothing when weighed in the balance of natural and cosmic causes. A far greater issue to focus on as opposed to carbon emissions would be plastic pollution as an example.

As Professor David Dilley and I also covered in the show we did, he suggests it’s the sun, moon and earth cycles that are the major culprit. You know, that massive exploding nuclear reactor just down the cosmic road from us might just have something to do with what happens here. It is the source of heat for like, everything!

What caused climate change in the past?

When looking at what causes the climate to change, it makes sense to take a look at history to see what has caused the climate to change in the past. Here are some of the best contenders.

Milankovitch cycles
Milankovitch cycles, named after Serbian astrophysicist Milutin Milankovitch, describe the long-term variations in Earth’s orbit and axial tilt, which affect the distribution and intensity of solar radiation received by the Earth. These cycles include:

  1. Eccentricity: Changes in the shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun, occurring roughly every 100,000 years.
  2. Axial Tilt: Variations in the angle of Earth’s axis, occurring approximately every 41,000 years.
  3. Precession: The wobble in Earth’s rotational axis, happening over about 26,000 years.

Solar Activity
Variations in solar activity, such as the number and intensity of sunspots, have been correlated with climate changes on Earth. The Maunder Minimum (1645-1715 AD), a period of significantly reduced sunspot activity, coincided with the coldest part of the Little Ice Age. This suggests that fluctuations in solar radiation can influence global temperatures.

There there was the Medieval Maximum A.D. 1100–1250 which has been suggested to be a large contributing factor to the medieval warm period experienced around that time.

“The Medieval Solar Activity Maximum caused the cosmogenic isotope production minimum during the 12th and 13th Centuries A.D. reflected by Δ14C and 10Be records stored in natural archives. These records suggest solar activity has returned to Medieval Solar Maximum highs after a prolonged period of reduced solar activity. Climate forcing by increased solar activity may explain some of this century’s temperature rise without assuming unacceptably high climate sensitivity”

Geological and Volcanic Activity
Geological processes, including volcanic eruptions, can also cause significant climate variations. Large eruptions, such as the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, can inject massive amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere, reflecting sunlight and temporarily cooling the Earth’s surface. Over longer timescales, plate tectonics and mountain building can alter atmospheric circulation patterns and ocean currents, contributing to climate change.

Oceanic Oscillations
Oceanic oscillations, such as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), play a crucial role in climate variability. These oscillations affect global weather patterns, temperature distribution, and precipitation cycles, demonstrating that internal climate system dynamics are significant contributors to climate variability.

In summary, nature and the sun are steering the climate ship here, we’re just along for the ride.

Carbon Climate Con 2 – More CO2 Means A Warmer Planet

This one is true but there is nuance, something that can be hard to translate when catchy emotional headlines and slogans are thrown around. Whilst it is true that CO2 does contribute to the warming of the planet, its effect decreases logarithmically as each extra molecule of CO2 enters the atmosphere.

Without CO2 in the atmosphere at all, it would be significantly cooler, this is true. However, if we were to DOUBLE the existing levels of CO2 from where we are now, it would cause a negligible increase in temperatures.

A more detailed description of the chart for the physics aficionados is provided here by Dr. William Happer:

“The blue curve shows how the thermal radiation flux Z(C) from Earth to space changes with the concentration C of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. This example is for a temperate, summertime latitude. C is measured in parts per million (ppm) of all atmospheric molecules. At the current value of the CO2 concentration, about C = 400 ppm, the flux is Z(400 ppm) = 277 Watts per square meter (W/m^2).

If all the CO2 could be removed from Earth’s atmosphere, so C = 0, but there were no changes in the concentrations of the remaining greenhouse gases (water vapour, ozone, methane and nitrous oxide) and no changes in the atmospheric temperature profile, the flux would be larger, Z (0 ppm) = 307 Watts (W/m^2), shown by the blue dot on the vertical axis of the graph.

Adding the greenhouse gas CO2 diminishes the flux to space, very rapidly for the first few parts per million of CO2, as one can see from the blue curve. But as more CO2 is added a law of diminishing returns comes into play. The blue curve is almost flat for current concentrations of CO2, so the greenhouse effect is very insensitive to changes in CO2 concentrations. In the jargon of radiative transfer, the greenhouse effect is said to be “saturated.”

That is pretty technical stuff but hopefully you got your head round it. The complexity of this subject and many others related to the climate is why I created The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con to break down complicated concepts into easily understandable content.

Essentially, if you imagine the CO2 being added to atmosphere is like painting a wall red, the first and 2nd coats get most of the job done. By the time you are on the third, fourth and fifth coat, there is no difference to how the wall looks. You can paint the wall 10 times more and it won’t change.

Another brilliant mind in the fight against The Climate Con is the legendary Paul Burgess. He is prolific on his YouTube channel and has a similar approach to our work in that he has a perfect blend of humour and information in what would otherwise be a very dry subject.

Hear about why he thinks we want more CO2, not less.

Here is a good example of the deception used – everywhere is warming faster than everywhere else!

Carbon Climate Con 3 The Ice Caps Are Melting and Sea Level Rising Because Of CO2

There’s so much negative stuff attributed to CO2 one would think that this gas has come from the pits of hell itself just to smite everyone.

Check out this propaganda
Check out this propaganda

As CO2 is mistakingly attributed to continually causing temperatures to go up it leaves room for a massive scope of what it can be blamed for. The climate alarmists have had a field day basically coming up with endless negative predictions and doom and gloom. Bit of a coincidence that this very same group of people has made mega money supporting all of this. I mean, imagine being able to force a group of nations to invest €1.5T, not a bad business strategy, eh?

The thing is, are the ice caps really melting? Can you even possibly blame CO2 for something that it doesn’t do, if whatever you are accusing it of is not even happening!?

Level 99 mental gymnastics required!

Check out the Artic Sea Ice coverage for this year and make up your own conclusion.

Sea levels technically are rising, just by so little its not much to worry about. Just check out these pictures and videos for reference.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil
Statue of Liberty, USA

Sea levels have been rising for thousands of years, long before any CO2 was being put out by us. Even with our tiny contribution in the past 200 years, it has no noticeable impact on sea levels, especially when compared with how quickly they were rising in history.

If you were to cut off the graph above from before 2000 years ago you can manipulate the data and therefore peoples perception.

Here is a quick breakdown of how climate data is manipulated:

Something is 1.

Then it increases to 2.

😱 A 100% INCREASE.





And just as a side note before we move on, did you know Polar Bear levels are increasing to record highs?

Carbon Climate Con 4 More CO2 and Global Warming Means More Extreme Weather and More Death

The thing is, global warming would actually be a massive net benefit not just for us humans, but nearly all forms of life on the planet. Cold is the killer, heat and warmth give life!

When we examine the proportional mortality rates from heat versus cold, we find that in Europe, people are 5 to 15+ times more likely to die from cold-related causes than from heat-related ones.

The graph on the bottom left was the original data but cleverly manipulated to give the wrong impression. Unless you know what to look for. Thankfully the good people at the CO2 Coalition broke down this one and created a visually accurate graph on the right.

If you was to look at a statistic and see that it was down 99% from 100 years ago, you would probably consider that to be quite a win, right?

With climate related deaths that is exactly what has happened! One of my favourite things about diving deep into all of this climate stuff is the perspectives that end up revealing themselves to you destroy so much of the negative doom and gloom programming that is pushed onto everyone through school, society and media.

In the 1920s, the average number of climate-related deaths per year was about 485,000. In contrast, between 2010 and 2019, the annual average dropped to approximately 18,362, and it further decreased to 14,893 in 2020. When adjusted for population, this means that the death rate per million has fallen from 255.3 in 1920 to just 1.9 in 2020, marking a 99.25% decrease​!

Whats fascinating, funny and sad at the same time is you can tell people this stuff but they cling onto the doom and gloom so strongly. It is like they want to be miserable and in a state of fear. Madness! Facts are facts.

A notable example is the significant reduction in fatalities from hurricanes in the U.S. Enhanced preparedness and infrastructure, such as improved flood defences and early warning systems, have drastically reduced the number of deaths despite the occurrence of severe storms​.

Moreover, wildfire data from the U.S. also supports this trend. Despite fears of increasing wildfire severity due to climate change, the total area burned by wildfires in the U.S. in recent years has been at a relatively low level compared to historical averages​.

Going back to wildlife, let’s look at all the different species that would benefit from it being a bit warmer here.

These following pages are taken directly out of my book, The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con.

This is just scratching the surface. I probably could have written an entire book just focusing on species that would benefit from a warmer world!

We are living in such an incredible time with amazing technological abundance that we can innovate ourselves through any problem that nature throws at us. We have already done so much that – for the most part – we have got a hold on nature and have overcome a lot of the challenges.

This doesn’t mean people still wont die from climate related stuff. Just that we have minimised the impact already and CO2 rising isn’t going to suddenly cause the whole planet to go into a meltdown and kill us all.

Carbon Climate Con 5 The Worlds Going To End Without Carbon Sequestration

This one really makes your head spin when you get into the vast amounts of human brain power being wasted on trying to innovate sectors of society that do not need to be innovated. Like tree’s.

The real kicker is that by removing the gas of life from the atmosphere, you are actually harming the greenery as its plant food and we are in a CO2 drought! By harming greenery this has a knock on effect on the entire food chain and eventually, us! As we have already covered, we want more CO2, a lot more.

Because of the recent natural increase of CO2 levels coming from things like volcano eruptions we are seeing the Earth becoming significantly greener. This is a really good thing! Well, unless you’re Bill Gates who has suggested we should chop down trees and bury them to save the planet? Of course the official narrative is that he is doing it to prevent wildfires and save the planet, however a massive part of the venture is being justified in the name of carbon sequestration. 70 million acres of tree’s are under threat. As we have covered earlier, CO2 is the gas of life and so carbon sequestration is an anti life practice. No wonder Bill Gates is involved?

The real gem – the top of the class in climate stupidity – has to go to whoever created this…

Why is more CO2 a good thing?

We will cover this in more depth on point 8 specifically around food supply. For now its worth mentioning the potential technological positive impacts CO2 has.

Economic Benefits
Higher CO2 levels can also bring economic benefits, particularly in the agricultural sector. With enhanced plant growth, farmers can potentially see increased crop yields without needing to expand agricultural land. This can lead to more efficient food production and possibly lower food prices. Moreover, industries that rely on biomass, such as biofuel production, can benefit from faster-growing plants and trees. This could drive economic growth and create jobs in rural areas, providing a boost to local economies​.

Technological Innovations
Embracing higher CO2 levels can spur technological innovations aimed at maximising the benefits of increased carbon dioxide. For example, advancements in greenhouse farming can optimise CO2 concentrations to enhance plant growth and yield. Additionally, research into carbon utilisation technologies can find ways to use CO2 as a raw material for products like plastics, fuels, and building materials. This can transform CO2 from a perceived waste product into a valuable resource, driving innovation and sustainability in various industries​.

Further misconceptions related to CO2 and temperature

Because CO2 isn’t the primary driver of temperature increase this destroys the narrative even more.

Misconceptions About CO2 and Temperature

A common misconception is that increasing CO2 levels are the primary driver of global temperature rise. However, historical data indicates that CO2 levels often follow, rather than precede, temperature changes. Ice core records, such as those from Vostok in Antarctica, reveal that during past climate cycles, temperature increases occurred before significant rises in CO2. This suggests that warming oceans, which release stored CO2, could be a major factor in these observed correlations.

Orbital Variations and Climate Change

One of the key factors influencing the Earth’s climate over millennia is the variation in its orbit, known as Milankovitch cycles. These cycles include changes in the Earth’s tilt, the shape of its orbit, and its axial precession. These variations affect the distribution and intensity of solar energy received by the Earth, particularly in the high latitudes, and have been linked to the initiation of ice ages and interglacial periods.

For instance, when the northern latitudes receive less summer sunlight due to these cycles, ice sheets can expand, reflecting more sunlight and cooling the planet further in a feedback loop. However, these orbital changes alone cannot fully account for the dramatic shifts in global temperatures, suggesting additional feedback mechanisms are at play.

CO2 as a Feedback Mechanism

CO2 is considered one of these feedback mechanisms. As temperatures rise due to initial changes in solar radiation distribution, warming oceans release CO2, which then amplifies the warming through the greenhouse effect. Studies have shown that while the initial warming at the end of ice ages might be triggered by these orbital changes, the subsequent rise in CO2 levels helps to drive further warming, creating a positive feedback loop.

For example, detailed studies of ice cores indicate that it takes about 5,000 years for an ice age to end. During the first 800 YEARS, temperatures rise before CO2 levels start to increase. For the remaining 4,200 years, both temperature and CO2 levels rise together, illustrating how CO2 acts as a feedback that amplifies initial temperature increases.

In summary, while CO2 contributes to the greenhouse effect and can amplify temperature changes, historical data suggests that temperature changes can lead CO2 variations. This nuanced understanding challenges the oversimplified view that CO2 is the primary driver of global temperatures and highlights the complexity of the Earth’s climate system.

Carbon Climate Con 6 We Need Renewable Energy En Masse to Save the World

Right now most of the world is run by hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) and because part of the process of using them releases CO2, they are also under the firing line and supposedly are destroying the planet.

Well, this is all bullshit. Firstly, hydrocarbons are probably the best bet for most countries right now for reliable, clean and efficient energy. This is not to say they are the best technology out there with other amazing innovations and discoveries still to be made or released. Just the best, for most, for now. Because of the massive upliftment hydrocarbons have gifted humanity it’s probably why they are being demonised by a small group of people who just can’t get enough control over other people.

You may have heard wild claims by people like Ed Miliband that suggest that wind power is 9 times cheaper than gas in the UK. Not sure from what climate alarmist delusional hat he pulled that one out of because wind power is one of, if not the most, inefficient, costly and damaging ways to generate energy that there is!

What happens when the wind stops?

5 more reasons renewables suck

One of my favourite images from my book

Intermittency and Reliability

One of the main criticisms of wind and solar energy is their intermittency. Solar power generation depends on sunlight, which means it can only produce electricity during the day and is less effective on cloudy days. Similarly, wind power relies on the wind, which is not constant and can be unpredictable. This intermittency necessitates backup power sources or large-scale energy storage solutions. Hydrocarbons are still needed wherever wind turbines are used! This is so much the case that in Scotland mad greenies were caught using diesel generators to power the turbines??

Energy Density and Land Use

Wind and solar energy have a much lower energy density compared to fossil fuels. This means they require significantly more land to produce the same amount of energy. Solar farms need vast areas of land to install photovoltaic panels, which can disrupt local ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Wind farms also require large tracts of land and can have detrimental effects on local wildlife, particularly birds and bats that can be harmed by turbine blades​ (New Scientist)​​ (Carbon Brief)​.

What comes to mind when you see this base of a wind turbine?

Environmental Impact of Production

The production and disposal of solar panels and wind turbines have serious environmental impacts that are NEVER MENTIONED. Wonder why? The manufacturing of solar panels involves the use of toxic chemicals and rare earth metals, which can result in hazardous waste. Similarly, the production of wind turbines requires substantial amounts of steel, concrete, and rare earth elements, which have significant environmental footprints.

Economic and Subsidy Concerns

Basically, because of how inefficient and expensive renewable energy is, the sector needs massive subsidies to even get going. The economic viability of wind and solar energy is often questioned due to the heavy reliance on government subsidies and incentives to make them competitive with traditional energy sources. Without these subsidies, the cost of renewable energy can be significantly higher, making it less attractive for consumers and businesses. Without government using your money to prop up renewables, they would be crushed under the competitive weight of actually decent energy sources.

Wildlife Impact: Wind Turbines and Birds

Wind turbines have been criticised for their impact on bird populations. Birds and bats can be killed by turbine blades, especially when wind farms are located in migratory paths or near bird habitats. This has raised concerns among conservationists about the potential harm to endangered species and the overall ecological impact. Studies have shown that between 1-2 million birds every year are being killed by wind turbines globally. How the fuck is that environmentally friendly!?

Economic and Subsidy Concerns

Basically, because of how inefficient and expensive renewable energy is, the sector needs massive subsidies to even get going. The economic viability of wind and solar energy is often questioned due to the heavy reliance on government subsidies and incentives to make them competitive with traditional energy sources. Without these subsidies, the cost of renewable energy can be significantly higher, making it less attractive for consumers and businesses. Without government using your money to prop up renewables, they would be crushed under the competitive weight of actually decent energy sources.

Wildlife Impact: Wind Turbines and Birds

Wind turbines have been criticised for their impact on bird populations. Birds and bats can be killed by turbine blades, especially when wind farms are located in migratory paths or near bird habitats. This has raised concerns among conservationists about the potential harm to endangered species and the overall ecological impact. Studies have shown that between 1-2 million birds every year are being killed by wind turbines globally. How the fuck is that environmentally friendly!? What is comical is how the greenies justify this slaughter by saying: Well, way more birds die from x,y,z so wind turbines aren’t a problem!? It is amazing the mental gymnastics people will do to keep the mad greenie agenda going.


Carbon Climate Con 7 It Has Never Been Hotter In Recent History Than It Is Right Now And It Is Because Of CO2

Its the hottest it has ever been in recent history? Well, I suppose it depends how we determine recent history and then how you look at that history. If you were to only look at the infamous Hockey Stick Graph one would come to the conclusion that we are in fact at the hottest part of our recent history. However, how true is this graph?

As I found when I dug into this graph, its origins, and why it became famous. Its more of the usual sleight of hand trickery we find all over the place when we dismantle The Climate Con. You can read my deep dive into this graph here.

For now we will just touch on it and then move on to destroy this carbon conspiracy.

The Hockey Stick Graph

The Reality

The Short Answer – It Has Been Warmer In Our Recent History

The best most recent example is the medieval warm period (roughly 950 – 1250). It is amazing that nobody knows about this. Then again, it is conveniently left out of history books in school and unless you go for a deep dive into this material you wouldn’t know.

Can you imagine it being nice and warm in the UK most of the time? Wow what a difference that would make. Let’s take a quick trip back and visit this period to see what life was like and what benefits came from the warmer weather.

The warmer climate facilitated economic prosperity. Surplus crops and the booming wool trade boosted local and international commerce, enriching trading towns and fostering economic ties with Europe, particularly with Flanders. Innovations in farming techniques, such as the three-field system, enhanced land productivity and sustainability.

Social stability improved as consistent food supplies reduced conflict over resources. This stability allowed communities to focus on development and growth. The establishment and expansion of medieval universities, like Oxford and Cambridge, marked significant advancements in education, attracting scholars and fostering intellectual growth. Back when universities were actually centres of knowledge and advancement of human society compared to woke socialist indoctrination camps that we find today.

The real kicker to all of this and what explains why there has been desperate concerted effort to try and sweep this period under the rug is because it shows that the temperature had risen without man made CO2 emissions.

Just take a look at this one that clearly shows the current warming trend happened before the industrial revolution!

“The Central England temperature record (HadCET) contains the longest continuously measured thermometer-based regional temperature dataset in the world, going back more than 350 years. This record began in 1659, in the depths of the Little Ice Age (1250 – 1800) which was marked by some of the coldest temperatures in nearly 8,000 years.

The period of the late 17th century and early 18th century was a horrifically cold period known as the Maunder Minimum. Thankfully, the current warming trend we are in began in the year 1695. The next 40 years had more than twice the rate of warming as we experienced in the 20th century. The first half of this 300-plus year warming had about the same amount of temperature rise as the latter half and was entirely naturally driven. The natural forces driving temperature changes for the first 200 years of this temperature history did not cease functioning in the 20th century.”

~ The CO2 Coalition

When people look at the graphs above and put 2 and 2 together they make the connection that the climate can change with or without us. In fact, the climate is always changing!

Carbon Climate Con 8 – Agriculture and Methane Emissions Are a Serious Threat to our Society

This one could be the most crucial lie to dismantle out of the whole lot. Make no mistake, these mad greenies are a massive danger to our way of life. Imagine there was a country that was at war with yours. A very tactical move from your enemies would be to target food supplies to cripple your nation making it easier to take over. This is exactly whats happening. These mad greenies and their controllers aren’t hiding it. They are out right, in the open, declaring open war on the food supply.

Don’t believe me? Check out this recent clip from lovely Old Bill.

Bill is chatting out his ass here. He knows what he is doing and knows cows are no threat.

Why are cows no threat to the climate? Well the Biogenic carbon cycle that includes cows and how them eating the grass is a part of a wonderful cycle of nature that is self regulating and isn’t doing any harm to anyone!

Meat eaters rejoice, you aren’t destroying the planet as I outlined when I destroyed 4 of the biggest propaganda pieces of anti meat agenda in this article.

What is the Biogenic Carbon Cycle?

Let’s break it down

1. Grass absorbs CO2 from the air via photosynthesis.
2. The cow eats this grass and its carbon. C
3. In the cow, the carbon is turned into methane. CH4
4. Methane is then released into the air.
5. This Methane is then broken down in the atmosphere into water H20 and CO2.
6. Then it rains and the cycle repeats.

So Bill is right, cows do emit methane, it’s just that methane is part of a cycle and is part of a closed loop system. Nothing to worry about and we certainly don’t need to be changing cows or putting stupid burp masks on!

Bill is not Alone in the Mad Greenie Arena Attacking The Food Supply

Dismantling this video is easy with everything we have covered so far. The major issue the greenies have with hydrocarbons is the CO2 emissions. We have shown that CO2 emissions are not a threat at all to life because CO2 is the gas of life so more CO2 in the atmosphere is a really good thing. With these base line understandings we can see how it is absolutely insane to justify attacking the food supply because of how much energy it uses.

This isn’t to say innovation shouldn’t happen, that we can’t always improve upon what we have. This is not what these mad greenies are suggesting though. They want to reduce prosperity, reduce abundance and reduce the population! This is no conspiracy theory, they are literally saying this. Its so funny and backwards. Even though it is comical, it is deadly serious because of the obvious essential nature of a rich and abundant food supply. These mad greenies want to destroy society in the name of saving society!?

Thankfully mother nature is on our side because as CO2 levels increase, so does the abundance coming from the plant world. This has a massive positive knock on effect for our society.

“A summary of 270 laboratory studies (Idso, 2013) of 83 food crops showed that increasing CO2 concentrations by 300 ppm will increase plant growth by an average of 46% across all crops studied. Conversely, a large number of studies show the adverse effects of a low-CO2 environment. For instance, Overdieck (1988) indicated that, compared to today, plant growth was reduced by 8% in the period before the Industrial Revolution, with its low concentration of 280 ppm CO2. Therefore, the proposed misguided attempts to reduce CO2 concentrations would be bad for plants, bad for animals, and bad for humankind.”

~ CO2 Coalition

Carbon Climate Con 9 – We must decimate industries to Reduce Carbon Emissions

We have been touching on this already throughout however it is good to give an overview because it shows how this agenda is seeping into every aspect of our lives. Nobody can escape the influence this agenda has. What we can do is intelligently fight back. We have an ever growing list of tools for anyone wanting to step up and do their part against The Climate Con.

Information is such a huge part of it. That is why there has been a push for the takeover of school’s and education to brainwash the population at a young age to then when adults accept the programming, accept the reduction in living standards to ‘save the planet’. We can all do our part in this information war. We can all learn more, share useful content and add win our own personal daily battles with the people around us. This is obviously magnified if you have children as its your job to do what you can to counter the propaganda with truth.

The way these psychopaths speak about the general population should send shivers down your spine. The thing is, I think it really annoys them how much power we have and how they have to get us to go along with their plans or they don’t work. Did you see the behavioural change document we featured a while back? They need our compliance. If they don’t get it, Net Zero is done for.

Brightly coloured economic suicide

Let’s take a look at some of the industries set to be hit the worst or already suffering.

Food Production

Arguably the most important pillar of our society and often underrepresented in the minds of the people in how much of a respectable and important industry this is to be involved with. Poor farmers, fisherman, butchers, bakers and everyone else and really suffering as a result of the climate tyranny putting pressure on every step of our food supply.

Of course, it goes without saying, everyone should be shopping locally and supporting local food growers and businesses. It’s more important than you probably realise. As can be seen from the genocidal infographic above, part of the agenda is to COMPLETELY PHASE OUT BEEF AND LAMB.

We covered in step 8 what our enemies views are and how their claims are not based in reality. What we will look at now is how they need the public on board and seem kind of desperate in that regard. This is probably because its the main part of all this agenda that is hardest to pull over. A certain % of us, especially in the UK, are incredibly hard, if not impossible, to control. If we can organise and take effective action, it will be use who turn the tide and stop this agenda.

Check out how they refer to the population:

“While the new CCC guidance does not call for a radical overhaul in the way people live, it does rely on a degree of behavioural change if the net-zero target is to be met. These changes will mainly affect the way people eat, fly and choose products.


The first main recommendation is a 20% reduction in the amount of carbon-intensive animal products – namely beef, lamb and dairy. They say these products could be replaced with pork, poultry, pulses and legumes, and note  a low-meat diet can cut each individual’s emissions by 35% by reducing the impact of UK agriculture and freeing up land to store carbon or grow biomass.”


Are you going to ditch the steak for lentils to help out Klaus and friends?


The demand for the materials and goods needed to maintain our way of life is not going away. What is happening is the UK is outsourcing the production of a lot of this sector and claiming the green virtue that goes with it.

So the goal is Net Zero within the boundaries of the UK. Doesn’t matter at all whatever other countries emissions are. Like China for example. China is dominating manufacturing globally. Guess what, China’s greenhouse gas emissions are more than the developed world combined and growing.

So even within the bullshit narrative that CO2 is bad, the global emissions are continuing to grow and it will make absolutely no difference to anything should the UK managed to ever achieve Net Zero. Other than of course the decimation of the way of life for the British People.

A very recent close to home example is the closing of port talbot in Southern Wales. This very useful, lucrative, and productive industry has been decimated in the name of reducing CO2 emissions. I hope by now you can see how mad this is: destroying society to ‘save’ society.


Boris was the first to announce an insane policy to ban the sale of new combustion engine cars by 2030. This policy is so insane. Its insanity is probably the reason it has already been pushed back to 2035. Yet it highlights another industry under threat from the mad greenies. They are coming for our way of life on every level. WE MUST FIGHT BACK.

We have done a good job so far on the whole in the UK in the fight for our roads. Many LTN schemes have been successfully defeated. The centralised funding for the LTN scheme was scrapped. There are only little murmurs of 15 minute cities here and there. However, the ULEZ battle rages on. The Bladerunners are still going and did you know, 7 out of 10 people hit with the ULEZ fine just haven’t paid it and the TFL is owed £218,316,533. Thats a nice number and big ups to every motorist rebelling against this.

Cost of living

A terrible and creeping by product of all of this is the increase of the cost of living and the reduction of living standards. An example is one suggested scheme to place a Carbon Tax on all high emissions goods entering the UK.

“In December 2023, the UK Government announced that it will implement a UK Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) by 2027. The CBAM will place a carbon tariff on a number of the most emissions-intensive industrial goods imported to the UK.”

Here are some examples of how this could negatively effect the UK:

Increased Import Costs
Importers will have to pay additional tariffs based on the carbon intensity of their products. This added cost will likely be passed on to consumers, leading to higher prices for imported goods.

Higher Production Costs
Domestic manufacturers who rely on imported raw materials and components will face increased costs due to the carbon tariffs on these imports. These increased production costs will also be transferred to consumers in the form of higher prices for finished goods.

Inflationary Pressures
The overall increase in the cost of goods due to the CBAM could contribute to inflationary pressures within the UK economy. As the prices of goods and services rise, the purchasing power of consumers could be adversely affected.

Although the UK is pushing this hard, it extends to the rest of the world. Well, mainly the west. Thankfully countries like India, China and Russia seem to not give a fuck about Net Zero. Good for them. Bad for the West.

The Eurozone is pushing for very similar measures.

“As part of the 2023 revisions of the ETS Directive, a new emissions trading system named ETS2 was created, separate from the existing EU ETS. This new system will cover and address the CO2 emissions from fuel combustion in buildings, road transport and additional sectors (mainly small industry not covered by the existing EU ETS).”

Read more about this here.

Carbon Climate Con 10 – We Are Currently Experiencing The Highest Levels Of CO2 In Millions Of Years

Saving the best till last with this one. The crazy thing is people actually believe this. There is this absolute gem of an article by The Guardian. If you don’t want to give the Guardian your click here is a quote that tells you all you need to know about the article:

“In June, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that global concentration of CO2 had hit 421ppm, a 50% increase on pre-industrial times and the highest in millions of years. The latest reading from Mauna Loa shows the world at around 426ppm of CO2.”

~ The Guardian

What incredible levels of delusion. Let’s bring it back to reality shall we. What really does it on this one is it so far detached from reality that when you see what the truth is you’ll be in stitches.

“Contrary to the oft-repeated mantra that today’s CO2 concentration is unprecedentedly high, our current geologic period, the Quaternary, has seen the lowest average levels of carbon dioxide since the Precambrian.

Though CO2 concentrations briefly peaked 320,000 years ago at 300 ppm, the average for the past 800,000 years was 230 ppm (Luthi 2008). The average CO2 concentration in the preceding 600 million years was more than 2,600 ppm, nearly seven times our current amount and 2.5 times the worst case predicted by the IPCC for 2100. Our current geologic period (Quaternary) has the lowest average CO2 concentration in more than 600 million years.”

~ CO2 Coalition

There we have it

Did you enjoy that? I certainly enjoyed putting it together.

We have just ran through the climate cultists carbon conspiracies and obliterated them. Sorry not sorry Greta and friends.

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