Polar Bear Levels Are At Record High Numbers

Hows that for some good news

Climate alarmists and doomsayers would like to have you believe it’s the end of the world, Tomorrow.

Proponents of such perspectives have vested financial interests to peddle the fear.

The climate propaganda had by no uncertain terms doomed the polar bears. The stories of them not being able to feed themselves due to apparent loss of ice is the generally accepted biggest problem. Then why have polar bear populations been increasing? Why are they currently the highest they have been in 5 decades?

A big reason is that the hunting ban on Polar Bears was put into place.

Canada, the United States, Denmark, Norway and the former USSR signed the International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears and their Habitat, strictly regulating commercial hunting.

See the document here.

However, if the conditions were so terrible for them as we are lead to believe, surely the populations numbers would be going down?

The bears are clearly getting enough food to continue to produce offspring, a good metric for any continuation of any species!

Manipulation By Media

Like the Great Barrier reef having record coral growth in 2022, this is good news. Why does the good news about climate never really make it into the mainstream media?

Certain narratives have been spun over the past decades that need key lynch pin perspectives in order to maintain the story. When we understand this we can see why seemingly weird moves are sometimes made. Like spinning the yarn on Greenland, that it wasn’t called Greenland because it used to be green.

The reason the polar bear perspective is important is because it is another one of the key lynch pin perspectives. If it falls apart, so does another part of the story, and so on. Each imploding piece of the narrative crashing into the other.

If people are not fearful for the supposed end of the world, why would they change their behaviour? This doesn’t work if the people don’t want it and won’t go along with it.

They NEED our compliance.

Will they get it? No way!

It’s not the end of the world.

‘Fossil fuels’, nuclear, eating meat, owning a car, keeping warm, existing, enjoying, breathing, aren’t going to destroy the planet!

Rejoice in this perspective but then realise, we have work to do to bring as many as you can onto the same page.

One of the major battlegrounds in the UK is our roads. That is why we are fighting to Reclaim Our Roads.

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