Scotland Faces Green Paradox By Powering Wind turbines With Diesel Generators

No amount of mental gymnastics or any amount of virtuous backflips can solve this one

Never mind that wind farms increased their profits in the UK 60% by doing nothing. Or the mind blowing realisation that when the wind stops, wind turbines don’t generate power.

Now hugely inefficient, costly wind farms are facing another issue of not actually working at all.

However thankfully diesel generators were on standby to ensure that the virtue signalling could continue even if fossil fuels have to be utilised to continue the virtue.

The turbines must spin at all costs so that the feeling of being green can continue on.

A local anonymous worker on the wind farms in Scotland said:
“People should be aware that, while their energy costs continue to rise, our wind farms are not operating as efficiently as they could be due to corporate greed.”

How about the fact that building solar and wind electricity generation requires 10 times more mined materials than building fossil fuels electricity generation?

Look at all that concrete for creating wind turbines, can anyone take a guess where and how we get all that concrete?

Fossil fuels.

Apparently globally the production of concrete contributes to 5% of mans Co2 emissions. Thankfully when you realise the truth about Co2 you realise Co2 emissions by man are not such an issue, in fact we want more Co2.

However if you are standing by the gleaming tower of virtue and believe in the mainstream narrative, wind turbines are not even green by any stretch of the imagination!

Lies upon lies…

The UK is a world leader in electricity prices

How much do people want to pay for virtue?

The feel good virtue doesn’t seem to feel very good when we get out energy bills though.

Funnily enough many still haven’t connected the dots yet as the UK only a tiny bit has begun to depend on renewables, look at how much we pay for energy! The graph above is from 2016. Our prices have sky rocketed since then.

Virtue is expensive

We are coming out of winter now but the attack on our freedoms is far from over. This is why the UK is mobilising into action to Reclaim Our Roads.

The next big day of action in Oxford on the 18th of February is looking to attract a massive crowd.

Will you be there?

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