The World Was Facing A Co2 Famine, Until We Stepped In

Everybody who is pro life, animal, plant and human alike – rejoice – humanity exists and thank God it does because who knows what would have happened if we didn’t.

Humanity is not so much a blight on the planet as the saviours of life as we know it!

Did you know that by burning fossil fuels, we helped avert global Co2 levels from going below the critical 150ppm level. If this point is reached most plant life cannot survive! We ended the Co2 famine, and thank God we did.

Click here for the source for the graphs.

Co2 is essential for life, with more Co2 we have a greener planet and better crop yields. Human civilisation would greatly benefit from this. So would animals and of course, plants!

The earth is in fact getting greener. Good news that we are headed in the right direction.

More good news?

According to Davos, the great reset is having difficulties.

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4 thoughts on “The World Was Facing A Co2 Famine, Until We Stepped In”


    Also, remember photosynthesis, that as CO2 enters green plants, the plants yield oxygen (O2) for us to breathe!

    Moreover, as the human pop grew last 120yrs, we humans used much more oxygen yet oxygen levels have stayed rather stable. Why/How? Photosynthesis!


    Totally! That sounds crazy.
    We in Canada have the most pathetic inept WEFer PM in the Western World, he is as bad as Rutte.
    We too need to push back on our moronic ‘woke’ idiot PM.

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