UK Government Wants To Change Your Behaviour To “Save The Planet”

The Climate Change Committee is at it again. I recently got my hands on the government document “In our hands: Behaviour change for climate and environmental goals”.

A lovely document where the government often refers to the “behaviour change” that came from scaring the public half to death during the Covid era. As if traumatising a population into submission is something that was perfectly ok and should be done again, only this time within the blessings of The Climate Con.

Read the report yourself here.

What follows is my analysis of the key parts of this 140 page 58,000 word document. First I post the quote and then the translation underneath.

We always have the power

“People power is critical to meet those targets. Analysis by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) suggests that without changes to people’s behaviours now, the target of net zero by 2050 is not achievable.”

This one is the most important of them all for one simple reason. This says that the power is our hands, it always is, The Matrix cannot proceed with its plans if we say no. So what do we do? WE SAY NO!

“Polling shows the public is ready for leadership from the Government in this space. People want to know how to play their part in tackling climate change and environmental damage, and the Government is in a unique position to guide the public in changing their behaviours.”

“The Government should provide clarity to individuals about the changes we need to make, in how we travel, what we eat and buy, and how we use energy at home, and should articulate the many co-benefits to health and wellbeing of taking those steps”

The government is meant to serve us, they are our servants, we do not need them telling us what to eat, what to buy, how we should travel! They are proposing trying to tell people how to live their life, trying to enter peoples minds and make their decisions for them.

“Behavioural science evidence and best practice show that a combination of policy levers, including regulation and fiscal incentives, must be used by Government, alongside clear communication, as part of a joined-up approach to overcome the barriers to making low-carbon choices.”

What is a policy lever? Was trying to force people to stay at home during lockdown one of these levers?

How about no Jab no Job, was that a policy lever! If so I dread to think of what other Policy levers they have up their sleeve. As always though, the brave will never comply.

“Businesses are in a position to enable behaviour change through increasing the affordability and availability of greener products and services and engaging customers and employees, but need direction from government if they are to act against their immediate financial interests.”

They want to use your own money to control you. Fuck that.

“Lessons can be learned from both successful and unsuccessful behaviour change interventions in other policy areas. Most notably, the widespread behaviour change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognise that the changes demanded by the pandemic were seen as a short-term response to a short-term emergency, nonetheless it will be a major missed opportunity if the Government does not seize the chance to evaluate behaviour change interventions implemented during the pandemic and apply lessons learned.”

And here we have it, bombard people with fear, scare them half to death and psychologically attack them and you can create changes in behaviour. This translate to traumatising the public to get them to follow your bidding.

Where as Covid was quick, The Climate Con is a far more drawn out narrative.

“The Government’s approach to enabling people to change behaviours risks a failure to meet statutory climate change and environment goals. Swift action to rectify the approach is required.”

If we don’t tell people what to do and leave them to there free will, they won’t comply to our madness.

Leading by example

Credit: Bob Moran

“The Government needs to provide a positive vision and clear narrative on how the public can help achieve climate and environment goals, and to lead by example.”

Does leading by example count flying in private jets?

““Switching to a more plant-based diet has been identified as the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.”

There it is. All that meat is keeping you grounded, giving you to much nutrition and helps you think clearly.We can’t be having that. Adopt a vegan diet to more easily accept our slave programming, oops, I mean save the planet.

“When we think about energy efficiency, the co-benefits are lower bills, improved energy security, reduced import dependence, warmer homes, jobs in local areas and so on.”

Well, how is that actually going for the UK? We are one of the leaders in Renewable energy and are now the global leader in electricity prices, how about that!

“Many witnesses emphasised the need for a change in the modes of travel used (‘modal shift’) from private vehicles to active travel and public transport.243 Midlands Connect noted that alongside the switch to EVs: “As much focus needs to be given to shifting away from the car to using active and public transport.”

But most of the electricity is not yet coming from renewables and look what’s happening as we make even a tiny step towards that? Electricity prices in the UK are word leading.

Whatever the problem, its probably men and toxic masculinity to blame, right?

“meat and masculinity is a really strong connector and there is a perception that if you eat meat, you are stronger”.

Couldn’t help but take a jab at masculinity in this one, eh? Perhaps if men didn’t exist and we were all woman it would stop the climate changing? What if the perception isn’t just a perception but is objective truth?

“Witnesses put forward arguments in support of, and against, introducing a tax on emissions (a ‘carbon tax’), which would include meat.”

The EU has already taken steps towards this as I covered in a previous video. Now they want to do the same for the UK. A tax on being alive.

“Alongside a partial reduction in meat and dairy consumption, a shift towards certain types of meat, including pasture fed meat, dairy and other foods produced by sustainable production methods would contribute to achieving climate and environmental goals. Systematic interventions are needed to increase the availability and uptake of food with lower climate and environmental impacts.”

Actually something I can partially get behind. Although the wording is all tied up in climate cultism, it makes sense for people to eat meat that has had a good life and is not factory farmed.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic the Government provided regular updates to the public about the virus. Daily briefings on national television provided data about the spread of COVID-19 and were often delivered by the Prime Minister, the Chief Medical Officer and the Government Chief Scientific Adviser. Slogan-based campaigns designed to encourage behaviour change such as “hands, face, space” and “stay home, protect the NHS, save lives were run also.”

What is going to be the equivalent of this then? Is Rishi going to give us updates on how many burgers people are eating everyday? Or how many miles Jeff traveled over the past week?

Will the next slogan be, stay at home and eat vegan to save your grandmother?

Hands, face, space will be replaced with bugs, pod, walk?

There is at least some resemblance of empathy and humanity in this next one.

“Furthermore, some witnesses told us that as well as having a paralysing effect, messages of fear can cause and exacerbate “climate anxiety”, which can lead to deterioration in mental health, particularly among young people.”

At least they themselves, on point number 282 of this document show a glimmer of still being human…

“Professor Alison Anderson, Professor of Sociology at University of Plymouth, told us young people are mostly finding information about climate change and the environment outside of the formal education system, particularly from social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.527 Students on the Committee’s youth engagement programme echoed this point. Humanist Climate Action said that social media influencers could be used to reach “those not accessible via more traditional route[s]” and highlighted the importance of inclusivity”

This is an interesting one. Why? Well, it shows you that traditional media does not reach young people. Social media dominates which is much harder for them to control. We have the advantage in this field, even with all the shadow banning and censorship. Will they try get Rishi to do TikTok dances to promote The Climate Con?

“In the fortnight over which COP26 took place, sceptic content garnered 12 times the level of engagement of authoritative sources on the platform; and 60 per cent of the “sceptic” posts they analysed could be classified as actively and explicitly attacking efforts to curb climate change.”

This one brought me a smile when I read it. Give yourselves a pat on the back, digital soldiers, this one is thanks to you and your information sharing efforts.


Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh? That seems to be a big part of this report in that Covid was a trial run on how to manipulate people. However, as was mentioned at the beginning of this article, the power ultimately resides with us. If we do not comply, there is nothing they can do.

It is our duty to educate ourselves on as much as we can on The Climate Con. Then to share this information with everyone around us with ears to listen. On top. of that, if we continue to empower ourselves with a lifestyle of freedom and having the courage to say no to the governments attempts to coerce us into a green nightmare then we may just thwart their ridiculous net zero goals.

The choice is ours!

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