China Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than The Rest Of The Developed World

So even if the entire developed world were to achieve the unachievable net zero goal, nothing would happen because China would still be producing huge amounts of greenhouse gases!

What if the west just disappeared?

The entire western world could disappear tomorrow and yet the green houses gases from China, India, Russia and so on would still continue to exist and pump into the world.

Following ridiculous net zero targets are a wild fantasy at best and a demonic anti human agenda at worst. Why are western nations going along with it?

Apparently China has vowed to reach net-zero emissions by 2060 with a peak no later than 2030?

Is this why China is now building more than half of the worlds new coal plants? That seems like an odd way to achieve net zero by dramatically increasing carbon emissions.

They are unachievable and even if somehow, we did it and ended life as we know and perhaps went back to the stone age, China would still carry on and all our suicidal efforts would be in vain. Green house gases would continue to increase.

It seems more like there is an agenda to weaken the west in anyway possible, targeting small businesses, energy production and your everyday man and woman of the nations.

The UK has the highest electricity prices in the entire world and that is with a tiny fraction of our energy being produced from renewables.

And with wind farms seeing a 60% increase in profits from being paid. to switch off, one can’t help but wonder if the agenda is to just rip the UK consumer off as much as possible.


It gets more interesting when we begin to pick apart greenhouse gases. Co2 is the apparent enemy of the western world and must be exterminated at all costs. Even if that cost is destroying the way of life we know and love.

Then real kicker is though, Co2 isn’t a bad thing to have added to our current atmosphere, in fact it would be really great for plants and crop yields to have more Co2 in the air.

More co2 – more food for people

More Co2 beter crop yields!

Maybe we should thank China for not going along with the Climate Con? Or perhaps China has a part in corrupting western governments to commit energy suicide so it can emerge as a world power.

Who knows, one thing for sure though is if we in the west enjoy electricity and very way of life, we had best ditch this net zero madness asap!

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