The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con E-Book


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The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con – E-Book

Your handbook for navigating climate lies.


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Welcome to your handbook for navigating climate madness. Certain groups with vested interest have been peddling climate lies for decades for their own personal gain. This book categorically dismantles their agenda in an easy to understand way. No longer will the wool be able to be pulled over your eyes with climate lies.

Also a handy tool to help awaken others.


Chapter 1: The Global Warming Hoax

– Unravelling the origins of the climate change narrative
– Examining the vested interests of influential organisations
– Questioning the reliability of climate models and data

Chapter 2: Natural Climate Cycles

– Exploring historical climate fluctuations
– Highlighting the role of solar activity and cosmic events
– Challenging the notion of unprecedented warming

Chapter 3: The Carbon Conspiracy

– Analysing the carbon dioxide myth
– Unveiling the true agenda behind carbon taxes and emissions trading
– We want MORE CO2 not less!

Chapter 4: Weather Modification and Geoengineering

– Exposing government-led weather manipulation programs
– Investigating the use of chemtrails and HAARP
– Considering the implications of geoengineering on climate change data

Chapter 5: The Green Energy Deception

– Scrutinising the profitability of the renewable energy industry
– Examining the drawbacks and limitations of green technologies
– Highlighting the suppression of alternative energy sources

Chapter 6: The Suppression of Dissenting Voices

– Revealing the tactics used to silence climate sceptics
– Discussing the consequences of stifling scientific debate
– Exposing the influence of powerful interest groups on public discourse

Chapter 7: The Agenda behind Climate Change

– Unmasking the true motives of global governance initiatives
– Investigating the erosion of national sovereignty in the name of climate action
– Discussing the potential for a one-world government under the guise of environmentalism

Chapter 8: The Bright Side: Adaptation and Resilience

– Shifting the focus from fear to solutions
– Exploring alternative approaches to addressing environmental challenges
– Emphasising the power of human innovation and adaptability

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Together, we will defeat The Climate Con!



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