Victory Against LTN’s Dawns – Central Funding Scrapped

Have we once again claimed victory against tyranny?

The great thing about the government, although on the face of it their plans appear sinister and look like they are steamrolling to completion, is that it’s the government—and what do they ever do efficiently and accurately!?

Can’t even fix the roads correctly, am I right?

The local councils are going to have to find the money to fund their schemes, now that centralised funding has been scrapped.

Brilliant! Good luck with that, local councils!

Mark Harper, the Transport Secretary, has stripped funding from all projects that involve the creation of car-free zones.

With the gravy train running dry and huge resistance from locals, the ridiculous LTN scheme and all its cousins look like they are all being sent packing.

The war we’re fighting for our cars, our freedom, and our way of life has born a decisive victory in our favour.

This doesn’t mean we can let up just yet, of course. We must keep up the pressure and ride this victory home.

There is still £200 million of funding going somewhere towards ‘encouraging people to walk and cycle to work.’

What does that exactly mean?

This could be sleight of hand. They could be having to divert their plans and go under a different name, in camouflage.

What does this mean, though?

Why can’t they just steamroll ahead and do whatever they want with the original plan?

Because of you—the rebellious reader and freedom lover who continues to stand up against tyranny in every way possible!

From where I sit in my makeshift command centre, I get to see it all the action! I can tell you, we have an army of freedom fighters in this country that ain’t going nowhere, and certainly ain’t having any of this Climate Con nonsense.

Can you taste it, though?

Anyone who stood up against the COVID mandates knows what victory against tyranny feels like. Nobody can control the rebellious, freedom-loving UK.

We say what goes. And we like our cars, our freedom of movement and our society—the important elements of life that we and those before us spent so much time building and maintaining.

Of course, mainstream media will NEVER portray the people having a victory. But if you pay attention and know where to look, we have had many wins and will continue to do so.

All the government has to do is get out of our way so that we can continue to improve this great nation.

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