Brighton Slams Down LTN Plans And Sorts Its shit Out Instead

Locals decided to spend the £1m on fixing toilets!

Thankfully the council of Brighton is unlike Oxford, Sheffield, Birmingham and so many others…

They have seen sense and quite wisely decided to spend £1m on improving toilets rather than more bullshit.

Interestingly enough, they are also not the first area to have success against the climate tyranny attempted to be rolled out under the guise of virtue.

It seems we are turning the tide in the fight to Reclaim Our Roads.

Labour and Conservative councillors backed a budget amendment which will see £1.1 million in funding assigned for a planned low-traffic neighbourhood in Hanover and Tarner invested into the city’s public toilets instead.

Are we turning the tide?

It could well be the continued activism across the country is starting to be noticed, great work people. Nobody can control the rebellious UK.

In Brighton, the move to axe the LTN proved controversial among Green councillors, much to any sane freedom loving person’s delight.

Brighton is also going to scrap all of the city’s parking pay and display machines.

There must be some awake in the woke of Brighton?

Big ups!

Councillor Elaine Hills, who co-chairs the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “This is cheap electioneering at the expense of safer, greener streets, cleaner air and tackling the climate crisis”.

Someone should tell Elaine, there is no climate crisis and she can chill out.

If only she knew the truth about CO2.

Birmingham has 30k people a month refusing to pay the fines, Oxford has been a hub of resistance and now to surprise everyone Brighton has joined the ranks of councils that are at least somewhat in alignment with the interests of the people and the nation and not completely brought and sold by the WEF and friends.

We will defeated The Climate Con!

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