EP 1: The Truth About Co2, Why We Want More Of It And Why It’s Not The Cause Of Global Warming – Gregory Wrightstone – Part 1

Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the Co2 Coalition joins Travis cook for the 1st episode of The Climate Con Podcast.


– Why Co2 is good for the environment
– We want more Co2!
– Co2 is plant food
– More Co2 = better crop yields
– Ocean acidification
– Wildlife and plant life is flourishing
– Benefits of Fracking
– Misinformation on fracking
– How much is the sea level rising?
– Co2 Coalition children’s education program
– The homeschool movement in the USA
– The good news of modest warming
– Do 97% of scientists really believe in man made climate change?
– Does Co2 have a warming effect?

You can find Gregorys book here:

Find out more about the Co2 coalition here:

Part 2 for members:

Part 2 subjects:

– We were close to dangerously low Co2 levels
– How Human activity is saving the wildlife
– Burning fossil fuels is a positive thing?
– 50% of the earths vegetation is increasing
– We are not in the 6th mass extinction event
– The world isn’t ending!
– A warmer planet is better
– The history of Co2
– How various previous great empires flourished in warmer periods
– Statistical manipulation of data
– How many species of vertebrates are becoming extinct each year?
– We are doing a brilliant job of protecting our endangered species
– The late Bronze Age collapse
– What caused empires to rise and fall?
– In Roman times we could grow citrus in the UK
– What’s not to like about warmer winters?
– How the witch hunt was tied to weather causing witches
– Weather is becoming less severe 

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