Graph Wars: Unmasking The Hockey Stick Deception

The truth will prevail!

We’re in an information war!

This war isn’t like wars in the past with bullets, tanks and bombs…

This one is fought with videos, words, graphs…

Now, let’s get into one of the biggest lies that has come out of the graph wars, the hockey stick graph, created by Michael Mann.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has championed this graph as the holy grail of, OMG, humanity is destroying the planet with its activities and we’re all going to burn up, SOON! This graph is proof because it hasn’t ever been warmer in recent history, according to Mann.

The usual culprits receiving the blame are fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) and CO2. As always the measures suggested to reduce this impact are more taxes, less people and less fun.

But this graph is a complete lie, its entire existence is a scam. This was called out over 10 years ago by Mark Steyn in this short, but punchy piece in the national review. This out right calling out over manipulation of data really struck a cord with Mann who then proceeded to start a lawsuit!

This law suit is still on going as of writing.

However, Mark has gone leaps and bounds further to continue his exposing of this cornerstone of the climate con. He has even written an entire book!

We will do our part at The Climate Con to expose this blatant piece of misinformation and data manipulation.

It’s not that hard really, because this con is built upon a house of cards, it is extremely fragile and relies on insane amounts of money and slick propaganda to keep it all in place.

But if one of the pillars is removed, the entire narrative collapses into itself.

Here is the deception unmasked from a different angle

Mann says its been like this…

When in reality, the truth is more like this

Jheez, wonder what caused the climate to change before humans and CO2 were to blame for everything?


Even Chat GPT Knows About The Medieval Warm Period (950–1250 AD), Is Mann Going To Sue Artificial Intelligence?

Could we see the first ever case of a Human vs AI in court?

When querying Chat GPT on the history of UK wine production, it confirms the existence of a medieval warm period and that you could once easily grow grapes in the UK for wine production!

Linked below is the chat I recently had with Chat GPT.

Chat GPT confirms medieval warm period and more

However, we can see Chat GPT is really Woke GPT

When directly querying Chat GPT on how does the hockey stick graph incorporate the medieval warm period, THE CHAT BUGS AND IS UNABLE TO PRODUCE A RESULT!!

Check this out, it happens so fast I had to slow it down, Chat GPT then DELETED the chat.

I advise you to try this out for yourself and see.

But if you speak to Chat GPT in the right way and it confirms the existence of the medieval warm period!

How could this be if Mann’s hockey stick graph is true that suggests its never been any warmer in the UK for over 3000 years?

Probably because its all a load of lies!

Exposing climate lies is good fun, so much fun in fact, I wrote a book exposing the lies in a simple to understand way, even a child could understand!

Check out The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con and the special offer we have running now until the 31st of January.

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