Wind Farms Increase Profits 60% By DOING NOTHING

Imagine getting paid to do nothing, it’s the dream for many, right? Well that dream is actually a reality for wind farms who are enjoying being paid hundreds of Millions of pounds each year to switch off.

New analysis from Net Zero Watch has revealed that the cost of paying windfarms to “switch off” has soared, from £143 million in 2021 to £227 million in 2022, an increase of £84 million, or 60%.

This is in large part being driven by the production of two offshore Scottish wind farms.

Moray East and Beatrice, both situated in the Moray Firth, are now receiving £100 million per year between them.

Can you imagine another sector of society being paid to do nothing? Even politicians still have to do something, even if a lot of the time that is ripping off the taxpayer. Even THEY have to DO something.

But it gets worse and the true scale of the wind power scam is coming to bare…

“Although constraints payments are widely understood as a payment to switch off, in fact the rules only require generators to keep the power away from the transmission grid. If they can divert it elsewhere, for example to a battery, they can receive the constraint payment and still sell the power.”
~Andrew Montford Deputy Director of Net Zero Watch

Energy companies are taking advantage of the citizens of the UK in every way conceivable, how long will we put up with this?

“Whether through utter incompetence, or shameful cynicism, the Government, National Grid and Ofgem have put in place an electricity system that allows renewables operators to rip off the consumer left, right and centre. They seem to hold UK households and businesses in contempt.”
~ Dr Benny Peiser Net Zero Watch’s Director

Humanity should be living in the time of great prosperity for the people!

Not going into an energy lockdown, like Pakistan is!

Did our ancestors really struggle and toil for centuries to build a world only for it to implode in onto itself due to stupidity, corruption and lack of morality?

We owe it to our ancestors and future generations to claim our inheritance and continue to build the UK in the world leader that so many still even today recognise us as.

We can take a step towards this by tapping into the abundance of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. That’s just to get the ball rolling initially, who knows what other brilliant technology is just waiting to be invented, or has been already created but is suppressed. Ever heard of Nikola Tesla?

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