Reclaim Our Roads

We are fighting to reclaim our roads.

The majority of people do not want more restrictions on our way of life.

We do not want our freedom of movement restricted.

ULEZ, LTNS, 15-20 Minute cities…

Virtue is being weaponised into removing more freedoms from the people.

Join our fight to reclaim the roads!

Email info@thegreatclimatecon to get involved.


A major centre in the fight to reclaim the roads is Oxford. The resistance is already underway!

History so far

Oxford residents mount resistance against the sectioning of their streets

Oxford has turned into an open air prison

Oxford councils begs the locals to stop their resistance

The Oxford story

The councils plan for Oxford

Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

UK protestors take to the streets in a day of action fighting against The Climate Con

Freedom Fighters Take Over The Streets Of Oxford 18th February 2023

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Reconnecting Oxford

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London has already been subject to one roll out of ULEZ yet the agenda is to extend the program to all of Greater London. Great mobilisation is expected from London to reclaim our roads.

ULEZ Camera Map

History so far

ULEZ Fightback: Multiple London Boroughs Begin Their Rebellion

Harrow, Hillingdon, Bexley, Bromley issue a joint statement against ULEZ expansion

Lawfulness questions about ULEZ expansion – Bromely

UK protestors take to the streets in a day of action fighting against The Climate Con

What you can do to fightback against ULEZ

Next days of action:

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Brighton & Hove:

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Podcast with grass roots Brighton based political party

Bristol & Bath:

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ho********@gm***.com" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Local contact in area

ho********@gm***.com" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">History 1

History 2


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Next day of action in Cardiff


Leeds successfully stops CAZ roll out


Liverpool successfully stops CAZ roll out


Manchester delays CAZ roll out

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Sheffield Flexes Freedom Muscles In Day Of Action

Sheffield Claims Victory Against CAZ, Barriers To Be Removed One Day After Installation

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