Wind Turbines Stop Working When The Wind Stops – UK Energy Experts Baffled

Thankfully coal power plants were ready on standby and have been switched on.

There have been talks of powering every home in the UK with wind power, to the tune of £50B.

Yet one huge question lies in front of that idea.

What happens when the wind stops?

Reports are coming in that the wind stopped in the UK, something that actually happens often. This time it just has coincided with a cold snap.

“A lack of wind has reduced the amount of renewable energy available”

What was the solution? Well, thankfully 3 coal power plants were on standby and could be used. Another scheme that was trialed this week was paying people to not use electricity at peak times.

All well and good, unless you are someone who has a life that needs to use electricity at peak times. Then you can thank fossil fuels for providing the energy you needed.

So what would happen if the mad greenies got their way and by some miracle the entire energy supply of UK households was supplied by wind? Well, the moment the wind stopped some form of other energy would have to be there to take its place.

How about this as a money saving tactic, don’t build and use the expensive, unreliable, coastline beauty destroyers, cut the middleman out and just build the power generation that would be used as ‘renewable backup’ from cheaper and more reliable sources.

‘Energy crisis’ solved. Who knows, if we did this, perhaps the UK would stop being a world leader in electricity prices. Wind farms might also stop making a 60% profit from doing nothing.

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1 thought on “Wind Turbines Stop Working When The Wind Stops – UK Energy Experts Baffled”

  1. Klaus and Co need putting back into the asylum from which they’ve escaped from.
    So next time the wind turbines don’t turn because of a lack of wind , the green zealots ought to have their electricity cut.

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