20 Minute Cities Descend Upon Norfolk

Will the people of Norfolk comply?

The agenda to further restrict the people of the UK is moving into its next phase which is still weaponising virtue to convert fear into control and money.

It appears a very similar playbook has been given to the councils of the UK. No wonder, because over 100 councils have already signed up.

This playbook clearly states that a few different names for essentially the same scheme should be used. Who knows why certain areas have one name for the scheme and other places, another.

It could be to slow down people realising it’s the same people with the same agenda, just appears to be coming from many different places.

15-20 Minute Cities (15-20MC) Clean Air Zones (CAZ) Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. (LTN).

All of these schemes although different names have a few key things in common:

– Restriction of movement
– Restriction of freedom
– Money generation for the local councils

Although the Birmingham rebellion is in full swing with over 30,000 residents refusing the CAZ fines. This is good to see, on the other hand, the council has generated so much money it can’t keep up. Now if you are a mafia looking to extort the people with a money grabbing scheme, it’s a good marker of success that you have taken so much money in you can’t count it all.

Where is being targeted in Norfolk?

The areas being proposed to trial the schemes first in Norfolk are:

– The proposed ‘railway village’ near North Elmham
– Attleborough
– Thetford
– Rackheath area north east of Norwich.

With everything the enemies of a free humanity try and roll out, it all requires our compliance. They know this, however the UK is a rowdy, rebellious bunch that is hard to control. As can be seen already this year with the UK’s response to The Climate Con.

Manchester and Leeds have already successfully stopped or delayed the roll out of the zoning of their roads streets. If they can do it, anywhere in the UK can.

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