BIrmingham Rebellion 30,000 Residents Refusing CAZ

Council unable to collect all the cash owed

The Birmingham rebellion has begun. Councils can’t keep up.

The agenda to zone the UK is seemingly falling apart before it could ever really take hold. Crippled by its own ridiculousness and bureaucracy.

The Birmingham city council has been overwhelmed by the number of motorists failing to comply with CAZ rules since its launch in 2021. More than 50,000 drivers are still being penalised every month and collecting all the cash owed has proved impossible.

Isn’t that brilliant news?

The people of the UK will not comply with these measures. We pay enough for our vehicles and the roads already! Where is this mad agenda coming from? Also there appears to be an aura of desperation with all of this, is it because the great reset is failing?

Or perhaps it’s because they know they need our compliance. If we say no, none of this works.

The people of Birmingham are saying no, in their 10’s of thousands! Over 45k fines haven’t been collected so far, the council gave up. It is worth noting over £10k of fines have been successfully appealed!

There are many ways to fight back for our right to freedom of movement, and freedom in general.

Oxford, Colchester, Sheffield, London, and now Birmingham. The resistance is growing and shows no sign of slowing…

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4 thoughts on “BIrmingham Rebellion 30,000 Residents Refusing CAZ”

  1. So may different names being used for this throughout the country. “Clean Air Zone”, “Ultra Low Emission Zone” etc. Done deliberately to cause confusion.

    Some folks say Brum is going to become a 15 Minute City, but it’s clear it’s been here a while & they’ve started with the city centre. It’s good that so many are giving the council the middle finger. We can’t get complacent though as they haven’t moved to the residential areas yet, & they will, as it’s the WEF driving this AND them – Both are as arrogant as each other & known for their bully boy tactics …… Bring it on, cus we’re ready!

  2. Many years ago the west shone a light on apartheid in South Africa and assisted in shaming the government into relinquishing power. It is hardly in the same league, but now Mother Africa is returning the favour by showing us how to rid ourselves of road user charging 47 billion Rand in unpaid charges; now that is something to be highly commended, time to do the same over here.

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