Irish Farmers On Standby To Resist Climate Tyranny

The Irish aint having it!

Irish farmers are on standby ready to fight back against potential climate change regulation madness.

In fact a huge part of the world are beginning to wake up to The Climate Con.

The UK is leading the way in the fight against the zoning of our streets.

Irish farmers have warned there will be ‘nothing short of an uprising in rural Ireland if ‘vicious’ measures are applied to the agriculture sector to meet net-zero targets.

Good on them. The great reset net zero agenda is satanic and anti life! Possibly why it’s showing signs of failing.

Stop existing to save the planet!?

It seems wealthy individuals who are ok with using private jets to travel everywhere would like you to stop existing to save the planet. Or maybe you can exist, but you have to revert to life pre industrial revolution. Fuck that.

All of this is based off false data and manipulated statistics. Imagine if people knew the truth about CO2?!

What about the fact that India is seeing record wheat harvests?

Check this sinister anti life target being thrown out there:
The Irish Daily Mail exclusively reported on Saturday that Ireland would need to quadruple its afforestation targets, reduce the number of livestock by 30% and rewet 90% of reclaimed land if the agricultural sector is to meet net-zero targets.

30% less livestock!?

Do you think the people trying to roll out this net zero madness will stop eating meat, or are they just trying to get you to stop?

Why would they want to do that? Perhaps it’s more to do with control of the population than the health of you and the planet.

Mattie McGrath, leader of the Rural Independent TDs, said the report was a ‘vicious’ strike against rural Ireland. He added that it laid bare the ‘devastating impact’ of the Government’s ‘radical green policies’ on farming.

Mr McGrath said: ‘If these proposals are implemented, rural Ireland will face mass destruction.’ He called for an ‘unequivocal’ statement from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue, ‘assuring us that no reductions in cattle, pigs, goats and sheep will be considered or implemented and that the report will be immediately disregarded and incinerated’.

CO2 is the gas of life, we want more of it. A bit of a warmer planet would be incredible for nearly all forms of life here from human to animal to plant to sea life.

Rejoice, it’s not the end of the world, your existence doesn’t destroy the planet and many millions of people are waking up to The Climate Con and making a stand or preparing themselves to do so. They NEED our compliance for this to work.

We will win this fight.

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