Freedom Fighters Take Over The Streets Of Oxford In Protest Against Climate Tyranny

You can’t control the rebellious UK!

The freedom fighters of the UK took over the streets of Oxford in a brilliant display of force this Saturday.

Nobody can control the rebellious UK. Certain groups are aware of this and know that none of this agenda comes without our compliance.

We saw this throughout the covid era, so many people were taking a stand for freedom and the right to enjoy this life.

Now, again, the great British non compliers are doing what they do best and are not complying. Birmingham has 30k people not complying every month.

This protest in Oxford attracted the attention of anti protestors, some are labelling them as antifa, who knows.

However nothing can stop the huge relentless army of freedom fighters. These are our lands, our streets, our roads and we will continue to have freedom of movement throughout these lands. So long as you, me and everyone with freedom in their hearts continue to live a life of non compliance to tyranny and in accordance with their path with a heart, we will be successful.

Although this was a great day and a major victory in the fight against The Climate Con, the fight to Reclaim Our Roads has just begun.

Thankfully we now know where the agenda to zone the UK is coming from.

If we do not fight for our freedoms now, our situation will get a lot worse

Chinese people dropped the ball on tyranny a long time ago and now they are paying the price because they live in one of the most unfree sociteties in the entire world.

If we do not fight for our freedom now, this is what the end result will be, complete loss of freedom.

See how the Chinese are doing 15 Minute Cities.

Don’t think it could happen here? It already is, just packaged in pretty virtuous wrapping paper.

Thankfully an army of freedom fighters in the UK are prepared to fight for what is right to secure our freedoms for the next generations.

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