India Baffles Climate Alarmists And Doomsayers With Record Wheat Harvest

How will scarcity and fear be peddled to the masses if we have abundance?

The people are waking up and learning the truth about Co2.

One of the many great things that we never heard in the climate alarmist mainstream media and education is the benefits of Co2 and why we want more of it.

To put it simply, Co2 is plant food! More Co2 in the atmosphere, greater crop yields, better standard of living for all?

Dismantling the lies put out by the mainstream media and educational systems is why The Climate Con network has been established.

When people begin to understand the truth about what is really going on here and just how much we have been lied to, society will dramatically shift its collective perspectives.

People like you and me are here to bring forth the truth. Get people aligned with the correct science and empowering belief systems that come from just understanding the world around us in an accurate way.

Its not the end of the world tomorrow

Scaring people is big business. How better to scare them than to put out the perspective that the world is ending, there is endless scarcity and there is nothing we can do other than to destroy ourselves and our way of life?

Religion has been used for centuries to control people, now science has become the new mainstream religion. The thing is though it’s not even true science, much like a lot of religion not being true spirituality.

The intentions have been twisted and perverted.

But with India now producing so much wheat it doesn’t know what to do with it and will have to create a export plan the end of the world gravy train might just be running out of steam.

There are also many other great things that can happen for the plant & animal kingdom and humanity should things get a little bit warmer here and we have greater levels of Co2.

Why would anyone not want people knowing all this good stuff happening around us?

Certain groups are benefiting hugely from the fear mongering from Climate Alarmism. The UK is waking up to this however.

This is why so many of us are getting into gear to fight back against The Climate Con. It’s brilliant to see.

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