Irish Farmers have created Their Own Political Party To Resist The WEF And The Insane Attempt To Cull 200,000 Cows

Farmers around the world are fighting for the future of our civilisation

What is the Irish Farmers Alliance?

“Farmers Alliance is a grass roots organisation that is building a movement of farmers, rural and urban communities to bring about real and positive change for everyone in Ireland”. Reads the front page of the new website set up by the brave farmers of Ireland.

The Irish farmers are leading the way in the political battle ground for the future of our way of life. It seems the agenda to destroy the food supply is being attempted in many western nations, especially in Europe.

This is incredible to see and this movement has the full support of us here at The Climate Con. We know how important our food supply is, just as much as you do.

We ain’t going to be eating the bugs!

Give us high quality beef, veggies and dairy that Ireland is so good at producing.

They already have over 20,000 members and the Alliance itself started out as Facebook group. It is truly incredible what can be started with just one man and a social media group, I’ve experienced this first hand many a time!

Why has the Irish Farmers Alliance been created?

What really sparked it off was the threat of culling over 200,000 cows in the bid to meet climate goals.

Long term readers of this site already know how insane the various policies and agendas trying to be rolled out under this huge banner of trying to save the planet.

It’s incredible really, to try and save society, and people from starvation, certain mad greenies are literally destroying society and interfering with the food supply!!

This gem from John Kerry really sums it up, thankfully he is retiring from his position.

What are some policies advocated by the Irish Farmers Alliance?

What follows is an excerpt from their website.

Problem: Successive governments have sold our farmers and fisherman down the river. They have followed orders from Brussels and put up no argument against destructive policies that have left our fishing industry on life support and left our farming industry on the brink.

The recently enacted Nature Restoration Law and the reduction in our Nitrates Derogation will send a lot of farmers over the edge. The destruction of these industries does not just mean the loss of jobs and livelihoods for the farmers and fisherman, it means the destruction of our rural communities as young people abandon them for the City & to move abroad to find work. It also means the erosion of our food security, meaning we will be dependent on importing foreign meat and dairy.

The EU has inextricably negotiated trade deals with South America (Mercosur) to give these countries an unfair advantage over home grown meat products as they use predominantly large industrial factory farms with cheap labour. These feed lots are farm more destructive to the environment than Irelands grass based system.

They demand Irish farmers reduce their carbon footprint and methane emissions, but actively promote the shipping of meat across the world and the clearing of large swathes of the Amazon to meet the increased demand from Europe. The TAMS scheme is designed to encourage young people into farming, yet all of these EU policies such as requiring farmers to cull 200,000 cows to reduce their herd, are making it impossible for young farmers to make a living. Soon, the Irish farmers will go out of business due to EU / Irish Gov policies and the people of Ireland will be forced to buy poor quality meat from these countries.

The farmers are being blamed for everything. Until now, they did not have a voice – the media only gives airtime to the academics and environmental activists at the EPA and does not give fair time to us. Our representative bodies have been asleep at the wheel and put up no defence and in some cases are actively on board with these policies. The Farmers need a voice, and now they have it.”

Now, I bet you can see why this movement has full support from us!

We have reached out to the Irish Farmers Alliance at the time of writing this article so hopefully they will get back to us and we can have a representative from their movement on the show.

The cause now extending into a full blown political movement has gone beyond just farming.

They have policies and ideas on healthcare, education, crime, freedom of speech and more!

There is an upcoming event on Thursday the 1st of February, details below.

Be sure to follow the Irish Farmer movement on X and give them some support!

And spread the good word about the Irish Farmer revolution.

Together, we will defeat The Climate Con!

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