Sheffield Flexes Freedom Muscles in a day Of Action Against The Climate Con

Sheffield kicks things off for the North in a day of action

The star of the show so far in the fight back against The Climate Con has been Oxford. Residents have dubbed the area an open air prison.

However, Sheffield has also been fighting back for some time now.

Also we can see the agenda has spread all across the UK. Climate lockdowns are being implemented under the cover of virtue. 100+ councils are attempting to roll out some form of zoning and have signed up.

We can see that with this current momentum and the rate at which nation wide communities are launching into action, the government are going to have a tough time getting these measures past the rebellious UK.

The threat of tyranny hasn’t stopped Sheffield!

Residents were out in force this Saturday.

This is just the beginning. The more they push us, the more they try and take away our freedoms, the greater our resistance. We will Reclaim Our Roads.

Sheffield Caz leaflet

If you haven’t already, join or create a local group in opposition to these measures. This page has a lot of the local groups around the country.

If you are a resident of an area that is already being targeted with climate tyranny, get in touch to share your story and also to look at setting up an action group in your area. Also if you have any pictures, videos or anything else to share to support our mission, we would love to hear from you.


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4 thoughts on “Sheffield Flexes Freedom Muscles in a day Of Action Against The Climate Con”

  1. FREEDOM has never more so been threatened than it is today. FREEDOMS are lost in small steps, little innocuous stage changes that might seem reasonable but overwhelming obvious when its gone for good. It’s too late then to throw our hands in the air and cry foul. As with Covid, (Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you.) but authority will not feel shamed when it controls every aspect of lives. They will be the masters and we the slaves. It’s coming in all manner of control measures if we do not stand together, central bank digital money, global warming 15 minute cities, lockdowns again, it goes on until we stand together and say ‘NO’ !!!

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