Colchester Residents Stand Up To Climate Tyranny

Colchester aint having it!

Oxford led the way. Their example may actually prove to be incredibly important because there are over 100 councils in the UK that have signed up to climate lockdowns disguised as virtuous 15 minute cities, ULEZ and CAZ.

The UK has kicked 2023 off to a flying start with pockets of resistance growing and expanding.

In fact, it appears once again that the entire country is mobilising to fight for freedom, this time it is to counter the climate tyranny. Check the reclaim our roads page to see all of the national groups and stay up to date with the latest days of action around the country.

Now Colchester shows everyone that they will not comply.

The orchestrators of this agenda know that they must have the compliance of the people before anything can happen, however as usual the Uk population is showing itself to be very hard to control, we are a very non compliant bunch, well a certain % of us are.

Some of us never complied throughout the Covid tyranny and you can bet we are certainly not going to comply to this green madness. Also we have another advantage that is worth contemplating and that is the fact that there are a lot more awake people now!

Awake, learning, and ready for a fight. Also the coming together of mental energy and pooling of resources to not only fight back, but to create the better world. All of this is happening throughout the UK.

Huge numbers are expected on the streets this 18th of February in Oxford.

Let’s show the establishment once again, what we are made of.

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1 thought on “Colchester Residents Stand Up To Climate Tyranny”

  1. Graham Phillips

    I will be in Oxford on the 18 February. These Councils have no democratic mandate to implement these WEF 15 minute cities. We do not consent, we will not comply. 72 and still sparking on all six cylinders pushing out the Co2 and with an oversize carbon footprint 👣👍

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