Sheffield Claims Victory Against CAZ, Barriers To Be Removed ONE Day after installation

People power is how we win this

Sheffield Council put the structures in place yesterday as part of the Crookes and Walkley Active Travel Zone, forcing traffic to turn right from Springvale Road, onto Western Road.

Angry residents came out to berate council officials over the move, warning of safety concerns and traffic jams that it would cause. Comments included concerns traffic was being diverted from a main road onto a side road, and that cars would be forced to drive past a school.

Cyclist and resident Caroline Redstill said: “I walk to work, I walk my children to school, I walk to the local shops. This doesn’t help anybody – it’s making people drive further around, causing more pollution. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Residents were angry that they had not been consulted on the measure. Sounds a lot like Oxford.

Within one day of their installation, the decision has been reversed.

This is is just one quick example of what we can achieve when we work together and don’t comply! Big ups to the people of Sheffield for this WIN.

None of this works without our compliance. Probably why 30,000+ residents of Birmingham are refusing CAZ.

Also could this also have been influenced by the recent day of action in Sheffield?

This is just the beginning of the UK pushing back against The Climate Con. There are so many of us all around the UK who do not want any further infringements against our freedoms…

Imagine what we can do if more of us start to work together?

This why the Reclaim Our Roads campaign has been created, to harness that power.

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4 thoughts on “Sheffield Claims Victory Against CAZ, Barriers To Be Removed ONE Day after installation”

  1. A long time ago, ’15 min. cities’ meant those designed to have all facilities available within about 15 mins. travel, although I can’t remember if this meant 15 mins. by walking, cycling or public transport. (There are already some small cities like this and they work pretty well.)

    However, to judge from recent publicity, the term seems to have been utterly re-defined. When did this happen?

    The late Prof. David Graeber believed that freedom of movement was a human right. (Until passports, it effectively was. Lots of our ancestors 1,000s of yrs ago clearly travelled all around Europe and further afield and they didn’t have border checks.)

  2. Nothing to do with Global Warming more to do with control. What about the35 Stobart Lorries feed the biomass plants near Meadohall while sitting on both canal and rail lines

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