The Source Of The Street Zoning Agenda Revealed

Who would have guessed that these people are behind this?

Where is the street zoning agenda coming from?

We can see the agenda to zone the streets and cities of the UK is in full swing. Oxford has been garnering the most attention with London not far behind.

The zoning goes by a few different names, undoubtably to slow down the rate at which people cotton on to the fact that it’s the same agenda coming from the same place just packaged slightly differently.

The agenda has spread to at least 100 councils in the UK of which the councils are at various levels of development of the zoning with some yet to start.

But did you know Canada is also pushing ahead for 15-20 Minute Cities? (15-20MC)

The same time that this agenda is being rolled out in the UK it is happening in other parts of the world.

What does this suggest?

Well that the agenda to zone away our freedoms isn’t coming from the councils directly. Rather they are just the front line.

Who is pulling the strings of the councils? Central government, who is pulling the strings of central government?

Well, probably not all are completely corrupt and all again are on the same page…

But a key % of them most certainly have been either bribed or blackmailed or both.

Why is this important?

To connect the dots of the situation the UK and the world is in is crucial to not only dealing with the immediate short term threat, the attempts to take away our freedoms, such as freedom of movement.

But also to the longer term goal of creating and maintaining a world which allows for everyone wishing for freedom to attain it and live a fulfilling life.

Creating governmental and societal systems that are transparent and in alignment with what the people truly need. Remembering their place as being subservient to man. To do that we need to remember our place.

With a portion of our government compromised, we then ask, by who?

Then we start to look at parts of society often referred to as the deep state, or shadow government. People with money, influence and power coming together to continue to maintain their money, influence and power.

This agenda has been going on since before we were born. We can’t take full credit for the current situation, somewhere along the line our ancestors lost a battle or 2 to evil forces and they were allowed to take root in our society.

It is up to us to fix it though. Fixing it we are, the UK is mounting resistance against The Climate Con arm of tyranny.

The world economic forum (WEF) is one of the very obvious and well known of these groups. They make big claims and do have some wealth and power behind them, yet the Davos summit in 2023 didn’t show the same diplay as power as before, some are saying the great reset is failing.

Nevertheless we must do everything we can to continue to ensure our way of life is protected and preserved.

How do we know the WEF is involved?

Well they have outright stated a few things.

1. The boasting of having ‘penetrated’ cabinets of governments around the world
2. The promotion and support of 15 minute cities being implemented

It really doesn’t take much dot connecting to see what’s going on here.

Have an evil agenda to control and maintain power. Realise government controls a lot of society, corrupt the government, get them to do the dirty work of implementing your own sinister agenda all the whilst own the means to profit from the whole thing.

Ta-da. That is where the concept for 15-20MC is coming from

Not from your local loving council but rather power hungry psychopaths who are terrified of the population becoming too powerful for them to control.

Certain individuals know that if we are left to our own devices to flourish and prosper we would soon find we don’t need this parasitic underclass draining away our prosperity.

Remember,  they need us, we don’t need them.

How do we become more powerful?

That’s another subject for another time

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