ULEZ Expansion Failure

Entire counties are rebelling against the measure

The fightback against ULEZ is in full swing

Now Essex, Hertfordshire, multiple London boroughs are all against the measure.

Khan is going to have a really hard time pulling this off, in fact, the entire scheme could fail, like The Great Reset.

The resistance to the measure is exploding. Groups are getting 10’s of thousands of members. Also many are turning to Telegram instead of Facebook incase censorship happens.

There are local Telegram groups popping up for the entire country now!

Anybody who was awake and fighting over the past 3 years or more know’s how FB can just at a whim, delete groups.

The thing is though, we also saw how effective people power is in fighting back against further restrictions against our freedom.

Some people still trust social media and the news

For someone awake and fighting the idea anyone could trust any big social media platform or mainstream news outlet seems insane, however this is still the case for many people.

We can gently guide them to censorship free alternatives…

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly.

Have you joined your local group yet?

Essex will never go along with ULEZ

A petition opposing the measures in Essex got 20,000 signatures.

The people of Essex ‘aint having it’.

The Essex council clearly states that it ‘will not allow ULEZ equipment to be installed’. What you going to do now Khan?

If an entire county can resist these measures, then the rest of the country can surely follow suit.

The councils said they would not be installing signs alerting drivers they are entering a ULEZ area. Councillor Lee Scott, cabinet member for highways maintenance and sustainable transport at Essex County Council, said they will not allow cameras to be installed.

See how easy it is? Just stop complying and everything stops. They know we have the power, we always have the power.

The ULEZ expansion failure seems imminent.

That is how residents of Sheffield got LTN barriers scheduled to be removed one day after they were installed…

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