Havering Anti ULEZ Protestors Storm Council Building

Nobody can take freedom away from the people of the UK!

Locals of Havering Council, consisting of Romford, Hornchurch and other local areas, protest outside Havering Town Hall to deliver a 3,000 signed petition to demand a halt to the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) extending to Havering authority, proposed by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Protesters become angry on word the petition has been ignored and not properly addressed in the council chamber, so enter the building with much arguing ensuing with council workers and elected officials.

Across the board, all over the UK, the zoning agenda is being met with fierce resistance.

From residents just out right taking down the barriers, to cameras being cut and covered, to protests, to grass roots political campaigning, to legal action, leafleting campaigns, to council meetings being infiltrated, to outright refusal to pay the zoning fines, every trick in the book is being pulled by the UK rebels!

Nobody can control us, we have a desire for freedom that cannot be defeated.

We defeated Covid mandates, we will defeat the zoning measures and we will defeat The Climate Con.

Big ups to all you amazing freedom fighters across the UK.

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