Brave Colchester Residents Take On The Council Regarding Green Wokery

Green propaganda falls flat in the face of truth

Colchester is taking up arms against the local council.

This is how we fight for our freedom in the modern world. It’s done in meetings, conversations, influencing the stream of information.

Residents in colchester have already been putting pressure on to the council as can be seen here.

In this latest debate 3 brave residents held their own in a council meeting

One key point highlighted is one of the true environmental impact of electric vehicles and the batteries used in their production. The lithium mining is extremely costly for the environment and reveals the true nature of so called green technologies.

Another is the child slavery in cobalt mines.

Also interestingly mentioned was a hydrogen engine.

On every level the UK is fighting back against The Climate Con and the ridiculous zoning measures that are trying to be rolled out against our will. We love to see it.

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