Local Legend 1 Street Surveillance Tyranny 0

Yorkshire man takes down a surveillance camera with an angle grinder the day after it was installed

If the council act without consent of the public, is this how we will have to deal with the measures they are trying to forcibly roll out?

It appears that its not only the citizens of Oxford that will take matters into their own hands when it comes to fighting for freedom and ensuring we can move around our own home lands.

This unidentified man who for the sake of the video we have call Tommy has taken it upon himself to dismantle a surveillance camera the day after it was installed.

Measures like this are a last resort to unjust tyranny. Sometimes the corrective action has to be taken, however preferably we want to have enough knowledge in the hands of enough people that such stupidity is halted before it event reaches our streets.

Much like with the recent victory in Brighton against the roll out of LTN, we can win this in the information realm before any camera gets set up.

When diplomacy fails, then I suppose the only way to fightback is to take guidance from our friend Tommy in Yorkshire, or the rebels in Oxford. Vigilante, climate freedom style.

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