Climate Alarmists Left Shocked By Polar Wildlife Booming In 2022

As the narrative crumbles

Highlights of this article:

– Unpacking Susans Crockford’s latest report
– Dismantling polar bear propaganda
– Polar bear population thriving
– Food sources for polar bears thriving
– Polar life in general thriving
– The truth behind why we are seeing more human/polar bear conflicts 

How can Climate Alarmists continue to be so wrong?

Thankfully it seems The Climate Con narrative shows no signs of slowing down in its self destruction with yet more positive news coming from the polar regions.

In a comprehensive report by Susan Crockford from The Global Warming foundation, we can find positive news regarding the situation in the Polar regions. Life is thriving.

We have already seen how the polar bear population is booming. However, now we can get a better look at the why and also whats happening with the rest of the wildlife in the ice capitals of the world.

We can now see the truth of whats happening with the polar wildlife and put to bed much of the climate alarmism propaganda.

In this article I will break down the key findings from this report and how it helps to add to the perspective that man is not the end of the world.

This doesn’t mean improvements to our society and way of life are not needed though of course.

Firstly, let’s quickly look at where a lot of confusion has come from.

Why do people think polar wild life is suffering?

Videos like the one below are abundant.

However, as usual, when we look at the real data and facts to whats going on here, we can see the truth. We see that less ice lead to greater production from the food sources that Polar wild life consumes. Even more curious is that, the trend of ice melting has flattened in the past 10-20 years depending on the region.

This doesn’t mean every polar bear is in its prime at all times, if we simply focus on the weakest of the species, get an emotionally riling video and insinuate that to be the situation for the species as a whole, perspectives get skewed.

When we see that its all a part of a grander agenda to try control people and further remove freedoms and lower living standards of the people, the reason to why the climate change narrative is being spun is clear.

When in reality, the truth is…

“No starving polar bears or walrus, no beach-cast dead seals, no marked declines in great whale numbers, no drowned penguin chicks.”

~ Susan Crockford

Let’s get into the report

“This Polar Wildlife Report is intended to provide a brief view of the habitat and conservation status of critical wildlife species in the Arctic and Antarctic, with commentary on inconsistencies and sources of bias found in the literature that won’t be found elsewhere. 

It is a peer reviewed summary of the most recent information on polar animals, relative to historical records, based on a review of the 2022 scientific literature and media reports. It is intended for a wide audience, including scientists, teachers, students, decision-makers and the general public.”


“There were no reports from either hemisphere in 2022 that would suggest polar wildlife is suffering as a result of reduced sea-ice extent; in both the Arctic and Antarctic, less summer sea ice and increased primary productivity over the last two decades has meant more food for all animals, and explains in part why polar wildlife has been thriving.”
The Polar Wildlife Report – Susan Crockford

Current endangered species lists are using computer generated models of potential future declines, not actual declines.

“The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in their 2015 Red List assessment, again listed the polar bear as ‘Vulnerable’ to extinction, and in 2016, the US upheld its 2008 decision to list the species as ‘Threatened’ under the US Endangered Species Act.17 Both decisions were based on computer-modelled future declines, not observed declines.”

More bears attacking people/towns most likely due to increased number of bears, competition between them and increased numbers of people and waste.

“Despite concerns that continued low summer sea-ice coverage would precipitate more conflicts between polar bears and people, it hasn’t quite worked out as expected.

While Inuit in Canada, especially, have noted more problems with bears compared with previous decades, they usually attribute this phenomenon to more bears, not less ice, and some residents have pointed out that polar bears tend to be more aggressive when their population densities are high.

A perceived increase in problems with bears visiting garbage dumps across the Arctic in recent years has also been blamed on hunger, although with little evidence.

An alternative explanation is an increase in human population (and thus more garbage) and higher polar bear numbers over the last six decades.”

The Polar Wildlife Report – Susan Crockford


There we have it, more pieces of propaganda destroyed! Just like recently we looked at the 4 biggest lies about the meat industry.

Polar bears are thriving! It seems like it is not just sun deprived Britons who would benefit from warmer weather and more CO2. Nearly all wildlife, plant life and human life would enjoy a slight increase in temperature, even those used to the ice.

Perhaps if it did get a bit warmer everything living in the ice lands might realise they prefer things a bit warmer and not fighting off freezing cold. We see even with humans, many more people each year dying from extreme cold than heat.

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