Survival And Prosperity Are Taking Priority Over Net Zero

The green agenda is falling flat in the face of reality

As we reported earlier in the year that The Great Reset is failing, it appears for the same reason the entire net zero climate madness will also face a similar fate.

So much time, effort and money has been thrown into trying to get the population to believe that CO2 is evil and for some reason the only way to save the planet is if everyone (apart from the super rich) has a severe reduction in living standards. Thankfully many are learning the truth about CO2, the truth about polar life, and the anti meat agenda lies.

When the rubber meets the road it turns out that people don’t want to downgrade their level of living. They also don’t fare too well with the idea of being in abject poverty! What a surprise.

That is why now we are seeing the agenda implode into itself. Biden just announced a huge new oil development, the Bank of England will cut spending on its work for climate change and Germany is seeking to stop the ban of internal combustion engines for cars. That’s just this past week!

Where will the agenda go next when this all fails?

With all that has been poured into it, it’s hard to imagine what they could pull out the bag next. The grip the narrative has on the minds of the people is dwindling, mainstream media ratings are plummeting, and for good reason.

I can only imagine the embarrassment that would come from going ALL IN on something like The Great Reset only to have it turn into The Great Flop. Poor Klaus. However, the rest of humanity that enjoys freedom, well we still have work to do but the trajectory is looking good.

People are taking matters into their own hands and also are tuning out or tuning in to alternative sources of media for their information, we are seeing a revival of citizen journalism. That is why The Climate Con network exists, and it wouldn’t do so without the support we have received from the community, so thanks for that.

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