Local Man Generously Gives A Bailiff Free Education – Bailiff Stunned

James the bailiff officer receives free education on the law & our rights

The resident should charge the bailiff for the education that he so generously imparted.

The drones that are just following orders can’t seem to compute when someone knows the law, and their rights.

Nobody can control the rebellious UK. Our desire and determination for freedom keeps us moving forward.

The orchestrators of the agenda to try and remove the freedoms from the people know that they need our compliance. They aint getting it. The UK is fighting back all over the country.

With enough of us continually mounting a resistance like Oxford, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester and so on, they have no chance.

Our enemies try to put out the perspective that they have all the power, far from it. We have the power.

Check out this video below to see how to stand up to unjust tyranny.

If you would like to learn how to deal with bailiffs, check out this course by Empower The People where they teach people how to deal with bailiffs.

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