Climate Alarmists Predict The End Of The World (Again)

Would you believe it? Yet another end of the world prediction.

This time it’s really for real and the only solutions point towards… you guessed it, less people, lower quality of living and more taxes!

Did you know that so far every end of the world prediction hasn’t come to fruition? How do we know? Well, we are still here. Much to the disappointment of some climate alarmists I’m sure.

For some reason Klaus and friends seem fixated on this magic 2030 number. Just like Paul Ehrlich was fixated on England disappearing by the year 2000.

However, with things looking shaky and the great reset showing signs of becoming the great flop. Big names in the world of satanists are ducking out. Take George Soros, saying he will give Davos a miss this year. Even Sky has reported A-lists are absent this year.

The narrative appears caught in itself. If on the one hand you are trying to control people with a Climate Con, but that every same con involves lowering the living standards of the population you are in trouble.

Konstantin Kisin explains this quite poetically in this recent message to the woke.

The survival instinct of the human race is very strong, thankfully. All living creatures are endowed with life source that in all ways possible wants to keep its experience of being alive going for as long as possible.

Who knows what happens after this experience is over. However one things for sure, the human race is not ready to just sit down and have its experience taken away from them.

It’s getting too cold to survive? Let’s get some heating going. How will powered be generated for the heating? Well, even with experimenting with renewable energy for a tiny portion of our energy needs, the UK is now a world leader in electricity prices! How about that.

That is why the UK is getting activated against The Climate Con. Protests are being planned up and down the country, Sheffield, London and Oxford just to name a few. Scotland will most likely get into gear once it realises the government has launched a war on cars.

But what happens if you cant afford the feel good virtue of the illusion of going ‘green’ and ‘saving the planet’? Even if such virtue is completely inaccurate. Never mind that Co2 is essential for life and even though we only as a race contribute a small % of the total Co2 emissions, in the span of history, we are in a Co2 famine! Find out the truth about Co2.

Well without the luxury of the bored bourgeoisie all that climate change bullshit magically disappears from your radar of priorities once winter hits and you, your family, and your nation is cold, in the dark and hungry. As is the situation for many millions and millions of people around the world. This why recently Germany dismantled a wind farm to expand a coal mine.

As Kisin points out in the video above, it is the intelligent minds among us who will innovate our societies to a higher living living standard for humanity. Not self destruction in the name of virtue, but creativity in the name of service, in the pursuit of curiosity and brilliance.

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