Greenland Is Called Greenland Because It Used To Be Green?

Now wouldn’t that make a lot of sense…

If we for a moment take upon the perspective of how we used to name things back in the day, one would imagine a name for a big green island would be, Greenland! Simple.

However, Snopes and climate alarmists don’t like this line of reasoning. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative.

The Snopes article reads:
“On several occasions, he declared that climate change was not man-made but instead caused by “sun spots” and said excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere “helps the trees grow.” He also offered a false history of Greenland to dismiss the effects of global warming.”

The established climate alarmist narrative is one that humans are the destruction of the planet and nothing less than the complete destruction of the west will solve it. Never mind that China is producing more greenhouse gases that the rest of the developed world. Co2 also is nothing to be feared, but in fact welcomed!

With sources claiming that vikings arrived around in Greenland 9th century, had their peak around the year 1200 and then had to leave because, guess what, climate change! Well funnily enough, that coincides with the medieval warm period. What caused the climate to change back then before the west was to blame for everything?

So who knows if the entire land mass was completely green, however a large portion of it, more than today seems most likely.

What is actually so bad about warmer, greener world?

The huff post writes:
“In other words, Greenland has the potential to become a lot greener, says Danish biologist and study co-author Jens-Christian Svenning in a press release. While that may disrupt established ecosystems and even wipe out some Arctic wildlife, it could also bring significant opportunities for Greenlanders, at least in the short term.”

Somebody should tell the climate alarmists that artic life might just be ok and that we are seeing record polar bear levels! However the article does suggest that because of temperatures reaching similar levels to the medieval warm period that Greenland may well become more green…

What is never put out by the fear fanatics and doom mongers is that with a slight increase in temperature we would then have access to huge amounts more land that had been previously claimed by the ice. Check out Canada’s potential 4.2m square kilometre land grab if things got a bit warmer here.

The relentless negativity is part of the agenda to psychologically manipulate people into changing their behaviour. If people actually knew the world isn’t ending, things in many ways are improving and its ok for them to exist and enjoy life then why would they go along with a failing great reset?

They wouldn’t, Davos and friends know that. They know they need the peoples consent to give up their power. Data and perspective is manipulated in every way possible, what perspective sits right with you?

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