Scotland Launches A war On Cars With Attempted Nationwide 20 Minute Cities

Scotland jumps off the net zero deep end and aims to try and cut car use by 20%

Under the guise of net zero, extreme control measures and psychological trickery is being brought against the people of the UK.

New measures proposed by the Scottish government in a recent document outline a war on carbon and a war on cars.

“Our climate is changing, with increasing rainfall, extreme weather events and higher temperatures that will intensify in the coming years. This will increase flood risk, water scarcity, environmental change, coastal erosion, impact on forestry and agriculture, and generate risks to health, food security and safety. Impacts will not be equal and communities who already face disadvantage will be particularly affected.”
~ Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 4

Even when you pick apart this one paragraph alone it doesn’t make sense. For starts, climate related deaths are down 99% since the beginning of the last century. This trend points towards that figure getting even lower. Secondly, one I can’t get my head around is how is a supposed increase in rainfall going to produce water scarcity? Thirdly, more Co2 is really good for plant life. Why else would growers pump Co2 into green houses?

The document then goes right for the Klaus Schwab special 2030 special:
Scotland’s Climate Change Plan, backed by legislation, has set our approach to achieving net zero emissions by 2045, and we must make significant progress towards this by 2030.”

Achieving net zero is not only impossible, but it’s totally pointless and doesn’t count for the fact that Co2 is essential for plant life and if we have more Co2, we have better crop yields!

Where does the anti life net zero agenda originate?

The framework for a lot of this agenda revolves around the education people are receiving, especially when going through school. It’s no accident the parents of children will go to prison if they don’t take their children to school, gotta get that programming!?

Ok, so educating children is a good thing of course, it’s just who is setting the curriculum? Thankfully there is a growing homeschooling movement in the UK. The resistance is growing in many forms, on every level.

As we have seen in Oxford, people do not take kindly to measures to forcibly curtail freedom of movement and limit freedom. London boroughs are also preparing a defence against the attempted expansion of the ULEZ zone.

With Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the Co2 coalition on his 1st appearance on The Climate Con Podcast comprehensively outlining the benefits of Co2 and why we want more of it, one has to ask themselves, where is this mad agenda for net zero coming from? Why is this agenda so anti human, anti life?

Cop members and the WEF seem to want everyone but themselves to cut emissions as can be seen by the 1000’s of private jets mobilised to make their meetings happen.

One rule for us and another for them? Well, only if we allow it, only if we comply.

As was clearly stated in a recent document by the UK government, The Climate Con, net zero madness only works if the people comply. This is why they are plotting to attack the minds of the people under the banner of behaviour change.

Will you comply? Will the war on cars and freedom be succesful? Something tells me a huge portion of you reading this, just like me, will never comply to Climate Tyranny.

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