Blade Runner Kill Count Tops 1,000 Cameras

Sadiq bit off more than he could chew

The Blade Runners have been busy.

Since April 1st this year, the relentless Blade Runners in London who are fighting against Sadiq’s ULEZ expansion have either destroyed or stolen nearly 1,000 ULEZ cameras (987) as of yesterday. That figure is up from just over 300 in August.

This amounts to about five cameras a day — or one every five hours.

You could set an alarm for every five hours and when it rings give a silent thank you.

Based on these calculations, we can see that about the time this article is published, the count will be 1,000 cameras. It may even be published the exact moment blade meets camera for the 1,000th time.


Blade Runners have show such dedication to the cause!

It seems Sadiq has taken on far more than he can manage, for, as we can see, Londoners are not taking this lying down. The glory, and quite rightly so, goes in large part to the Blade Runners and their legendary work.

Support for the cause extends far beyond the borders of London. Blade Runners, in the eyes of many around the country, are national heroes. The inspiration waves emanating from their pushback against tyranny can be felt throughout the UK’s awakening movement.

This says something crucial: they are not alone. Millions of people around the UK are awake and the number is growing by the day.

We are all still here...
Anti-Covid Mandate Protest 24.04.21. — We are all still here . . .

How engaged and currently active all of these millions are is another consideration, however. Many who are awake but not active will get moving when and if things get bad enough, as was seen in the HUGE anti-Covid mandate protests throughout 2021 and 2022.

Even right now, clusters of resistance are building through the nation, and many small, unheard of victories are happening.

Brighton has defeated the attempts to roll out similar measures. Birmingham has tens of thousands of people peacefully not complying all the time. One scaffolder even defeated Sadiq in a legal battle.

We’re smashing it, but we must press on

The biggest fight happening right now, though, is in London, and it seems like the Blade Runners and freedom-loving people are winning.

Only three people have been charged so far. One has had their case dropped, and two have been arrested and then granted bail – GB News.

Guerrilla protest tactics, an anti-ULEZ caravan outside Sadiq’s place, and even an anti-ULEZ dinosaur are just some of the tactics being cleverly implemented by the London opponents of ULEZ.

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