Brighton Has Defeated ULEZ – Labour Backs Down

Local residents claim victory

The Mainstream Media (MSM) never report when there has been a victory against their agenda.

This leaves the job up to us. Anyone who has been paying attention would come to the logical conclusion that evil doesn’t have complete control here and that the people can influence what happens more than they often give themselves credit for.

A petition that gathered 1000s of signatures was presented to the Brighton and Hove council by Laura King.

We actually had the honour of having Laura on the show a while back: check out our show here.

“Councillor Muten, who chairs the Transport and Sustainability Committee, said yesterday (Tuesday 25 July) that there were no plans for a Brighton and Hove ULEZ.”

~ Brighton and Hove News

The War On Cars Hits A Roadblock

For some reason, someone in a position of power somewhere hates the fact that people like you and me can have private transportation.

It seems to really bug them.

Did you see the attempts by Scotland to tackle the “pesky 4-wheeled menace“?

It seems though this anti-car agenda is hitting some serious congestion.

That’s because people like you and I have the ultimate say in what goes on in this country, and we like our cars and we like our freedom of movement. And, much to the frustration of some mad greenies somewhere, that’s not changing any time soon.

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