German Farmer Revolution – Government Buckling Under Pressure

Legacy media blackout on the incredible scenes developing in Germany

German farmers are out in force! But why? What is happening right now in Germany that has the farmers up in arms?

Well, the German government is trying to toe the line on the anti-life agenda being spewed out by climate fanatics, whose fear and loathing of hydrocarbons, CO2, methane, and humanity in general knows no bounds.

The federal government in Germany is trying to remove tax breaks for diesel as well as the exemption from the car tax for farming vehicles.

But why would the political leaders of any sane nation be attacking the very people who put food on everyone’s plates?

Well, considering that the agenda is anti-human, it starts to make sense.

The amazing thing is that the German farmers, not known as activists, are not taking this lying down. An incredible revolution is taking place in that country. We don’t know about it, though, because the legacy media outlets are not covering the action. What a surprise!

Thankfully, the truth always gets out. We have The Climate Con network to distribute the truth about what’s happening in the world of climate.

Check out these incredible scenes.

The German farmers are winning

It gets even better, though: the German farmers are actually having success. Recently, the government desperately tried to plead with the farmers, saying that instead of bringing in the tax changes all at once, they will do it gradually over time.

The German farmers laughed and continued their protests.

They are fighting for the complete abolition of the proposed measures. They realize they’re having enough of an impact that the government is now trying to negotiate.

But there is more to it than this. It’s not just a battle over taxes. It’s about setting a precedent. Our enemies — the globalists — are terrified of precedents.

Their thinking is: When the farmers secure victory here, what would stop a victory somewhere else?

Our enemies are hellbent on the destruction of our way of life.

Too many of us gloomily believe the globalists are once again getting away with their plans, regardless.

However, this is not the case. Anyone following The Climate Con for long enough has seen the many victories secured by those of us who are fighting back against climate tyranny.

And now, in the same way, German farmers are WINNING against the government.

Of course, they still need our support! Each of us can counter the legacy media blackout by sharing their story!

Big ups to the German farmers protesting. They’re truly beautiful and inspiring.

Deutschland, meine Liebe 😍

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