Switzerland Seeks To Hold Referendum Against Net Zero

A political party in Switzerland is seeking to hold a referendum to oppose a new draft law aiming to curb Co2 emissions.

Could it be that some people in the world are starting to see sense of the Climate Con madness?

It would appear so in Switzerland where a political party is mounting defence against the destructive policies of going net zero. An impossible and destructive goal in of itself.

It appears the agenda for some is to return the planet back to its state before humans arrived, as if our very existence is nothing but damaging for the earth and nature. Forgetting of course, that we are nature!

Then there is the fact that Co2 is essential for plant life it is plant food and before we came along with our industrial revolution and began to pump more Co2 into the atmosphere, we was in a Co2 drought and plant life was suffering because of this!

One of the great thing about more Co2 is better crop yields, who wouldn’t want that? Well perhaps power hungry psychopaths who enjoy having control over humanity wouldn’t want people becoming too prosperous or free, perhaps we would be too hard to control in that scenario?

In Switzerland the proposed legislation that SVP, a member of the ruling coalition in Bern is seeking to counter would attempt to accelerate Co2 emission cuts and the roll out of renewables to the tune of 2 Billion Swiss Frances, about £1.7Billion.

The SVP argues that imposing more restrictions on energy and emissions would be hugely unproductive given the current energy crisis much of Europe is facing which has been exacerbated with Russian cutting of supplies of cheap natural gas.

In Switzerland, referendums require 50,000 signatures to be activated.

Monika Rueegger, the SVP energy spokesperson told a webcast interview on Sunday that numbers “well in excess” of 50,000 have already signed up and that the party is looking to announce the referendum on Monday.

It is worthing mentioning that the anti Co2 legislation also has to seek approval in the form of a referendum to become law and it failed to do that in 2021.

It seems the people of Switzerland have a choice to make, what will it be?

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