Local Council Begs Oxford Legends To Stop Their Resistance

The council are begging the citizens to stop taking down the posts sectioning their streets. It seems they are worried.

The council say that the Oxford legends actions will make no difference, but why do they seem worried and kind of desperate to stop them?

I think we are just getting started with the civil disobedience against The Climate Con madness!

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3 thoughts on “Local Council Begs Oxford Legends To Stop Their Resistance”

  1. It’s been a con from the beginning, it’s just another type of control, climate hasn’t changed much in the last 20yrs, or should I say look at a 100 yr old photo of the Statue of Liberty, and the water height today and it’s not changed.
    THE ONLY CLIMATE CHANGE is caused by HAARP weather system & Chem trails, HAARP is an energy weapon, that changes the weather patterns, who ever controls the weather controls the planet.
    Who better to be in charge is the corrupt WEF, NATO, WHO & Western Government’s.
    All you have to do is research, and there is lots of proof that we are all being coned,
    We are Carbon men & women, living in a carbon world, the plants need carbon, the sea, & humans, need carbon carbon to survive , or everything dies,
    Except the elites, who have planed this for years while they still continue with the depopulation of the human race by around 6 billion is the target.
    The wars they cause, the vaccines, the water, food, & air that they are poisoning, psychopathic scum that they are.
    Klaus schwab & cronies want to get rid of pets because they eat meat, get rid of cows because they fart, eat insects that have diseases and so on.

  2. We are at Ground Zero, contrived and brought into being by those who would control everything and everybody. We must not allow this to continue or humanity and the way we live will cease to be no more. Klaus Schwab and his elite gang of thugs have already told the world that they only wish to have 500 million people in the world and not the 8 Billion that there now is. How they arrived at this figure tells us their intentions for the rest of humanity as only now are many people are only just becoming aware of the dangers. Future fear factors will continued to be employed to ramp up and unsettle the worlds populations. Control of the masses is crucial for their success. Lockdowns for any reason will be employed to try and control us, they can only succeed if we acquiesce. We must stop the elite gang in their tracks. Obey nothing, challenge everything.

  3. I am not sure what impact or importance there is to leaving a comment, or where it goes? but thought I would leave one anyway in the hope that if enough peopled do comment along with taking part in civil disobedience events there will be enough of an impact to achieve something positive in the fight against tyranny. I find it almost impossible to believe that such a plan is even contemplated, its beyond Orwellian, but then apparently now we can be arrested for “thought crime” which was what we all thought was a fictional notion of George Orwell’s. This outrageous non democratic action has to be STOPPED.

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