UK Government Trying To Turn Dairy Cows Into Cash Cows

The latest in the net zero madness is a pill to try reduce methane emissions…

As if pharmaceutical companies are not making enough money already, the delusional greenies are at it again.

Combine ‘science’ with madness, and a lack of truth, and you have ridiculous inventions such as the methane emission reducing pill for dairy cattle.

The government is seemingly going to attempt to roll out the pill by 2025, if they can get away with it.

There appears to be an agenda to attack the sources of protein. Why would the enemies of a free humanity want to do that?

When we pull apart the anti meat agenda for example, we see that the methane that cows emit is actually a part of a natural cycle and the methane was already in the atmosphere, the cow just temporarily houses the methane along its journey.

What follows is an excerpt from the anti meat agenda article that explains the natural cycle of methane relating to cows.

Let’s break it down

1. Grass absorbs CO2 from the air via photosynthesis.
2. The cow eats this grass and its carbon. C
3. In the cow, the carbon is turned into methane. CH4
4. Methane is then released into the air.
5. This Methane is then broken down in the atmosphere into water H20 and CO2.
6. Then it rains and the cycle repeats.

Why are they attacking protein sources?

Chickens have been in lockdown since November last year! Apparently to protect them from bird flu, so right now it is impossible to buy eggs in England that are truly free range.

Now they are swinging for another protein source, dairy. It appears there is an agenda to weaken the population by any means possible.

Can’t have people too healthy, fit with a strong mind, they wont be as controllable!?

Working on ourself, then, is fighting back!

Methane pills are almost on par with a methane burp catcher! 🤡

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