Pakistan Hit With Energy Lockdown

Pakistan is attempting to force local business owners to comply with a curfew. Ordering all markets to close by 8:30pm and restaurants by 10pm according to a tweet by its government.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Similar measures were used to supposedly combat Covid. There seems to be an agenda somewhere that consistently attacks business owners and places where people gather to socialise. It’s almost as if restaurants are the biggest threat to the modern world! The next attack – energy lockdowns.

If only The Climate Con wasn’t so prevalent around the world and humanity had unrestricted access to abundant energy sources. The very idea of moving backwards would be completely absurd if we as a species simply allowed ourselves to enjoy the abundance of this earth.

Also it’s interesting to note the wording. The measure will supposedly save many millions of Rupees in energy costs, but what about the loss of revenue from lost business? It’s an interesting business plan, to shut down businesses to save money.

Pakistan is also having trouble with the I.M.F. and a recently loan has been stalled.

“Survival without IMF is not an option given the scale of the external financing needs,” wrote analysts at Arif Habib, a Karachi-based research firm, in a recent report.

One also has to question why a country should be dependant on I.M.F. loans… That’s another story.

Now, would the western governments be so foolish to try attempt something as stupid as an energy lockdown? Well we could very well see them if we allow The Climate Con to go unchecked. Oxford in England is already being targeted although many are ready and on standby to mount a fierce resistance.

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