Oxford Residents Mount Resistance Against The Sectioning Of Their Streets

Oxford residents are taking matters into their own hands and destroying the street zone sectioning barriers.

Oxford is going to be the centre of the resistance to the climate change madness in the UK.

Just recently there was a day of action by activists to kick start the year of fighting back. We predicted the UK was just getting started with their resistance, and here we have it. Taking matters into their own hands, Oxford residents are destroying street zoning barriers.

Now that’s quite beautiful to see.

With the government trying to manipulate behaviour to comply with absurd control measures, it’s no wonder the UK is pushing back again. We are a rebellious bunch and very hard to control.

Further action

There are further planned dates for activists to take to the streets in various forms of protest.

Then an event which has potential to draw a large crowd with reports coming in people are making the trip down from as far as Manchester is taking place in Oxford on the 18th of February.

It’s very inspiring to see the people of the UK take matters into their own hands. This year is looking to be jam packed with resistance to The Climate Con. Continued coverage will be given on our website, newsletter and social media. Stay tuned for a disobedient 2023.

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UPDATE 12.01.23.

The council are really upset with the oxford legends…

47 thoughts on “Oxford Residents Mount Resistance Against The Sectioning Of Their Streets”

    1. The spy cameras are their means to abusing our common law. Under common law we have a duty to destroy tyrannical government overreach.

    2. Totally agree , maybe we should be asking how climate friendly these bollards are, what are they made from, who is going to drive to them using a CAR to upkeep them . That’s just for starters 🤬

  1. This must never happen this is tyranny and will be stopped. hittler has nothing on theas megalomaniacs fuck the new world order. fascist nazi agenda. bring back hanging on our streets. I would do the job. the people of Oxford have our upmost sapport. end this tyranny now and bring the scum to justice

    1. Bravo, Bravo. 100% agree with you. The world’s democracy is being destroyed by these fascist woke green climate save the planet madness! Keep up the good fight for freedom. We will win over the evildoers. (I’m in NZ. There is a lot of corruption and lies going on here with our psycho fascist leader and her minions. We have thousands of freedom fighters here getting ready to protest in the coming months. Thinking of you.

  2. Heather Clark

    Well done to all fighing this tyranny. Right behind you, all towns need to be ready to oppose any sniff of this coming to them.

  3. Richartfringe

    I turn 65 today, and what a beautiful birthday present to see the resistance in Oxford, because as you know, it’s coming to a town near you soon

    1. Ray Micallef

      I’m 68 and will fight this when it comes our way
      If every one chips in and buys old JCBS and bulldoze bigger barriers I’ll drive them.
      Best wishes for the resistance 👍

  4. Lizzy blanch

    Fabulous! Join together people STAND UP against this tyranny! Fuck agenda 2030! Power to the People! The hunger games have started!

  5. Well done to you all from Dublin. Another one of the many tentacled octapus of state , needing to be resisted by us the people. No doubt it’ll be attempted by the Irish state soon, and beyond.

  6. Excellent to see and big support from New Zealand. And resist our fascist PM Ardern when she gets to the UN. People need to stand up and fight back.

  7. If Just Stop Oil and the rest of the unwashed climate scammers can vandalise anything they want with impunity then so can those protesting against climate tyranny!

    1. People MUST resist, take action & stop nip this in the bud. Don’t believe the lies that it’s for the greater good- it’s for the greater control!!!

  8. Huge thanks go to any activists that are resisting the Oxford model. Why did they choose Oxford to begin their experiment, did they see it as a compliant soft underbelly of England? Well hopefully these fantastic activists have shown that it won’t be accepted, ANYWHERE IN THE UK!

    1. Devon Seamoor

      Since prime minister Rishi Sunak is a favourite puppet of Claus Schwab’s WEF, trained as young global leader by Herr Schwab in the 90’s, the agenda of The Great Reset is in active mode now, using Oxford and Canterbury as trial cities, to establish city-segments, where residents may leave their home within a 15 minute distant walk, organising their domestic life, visit the doctor or dentist, and to the leisure centre.
      For a visit to another segment in the city, residents must leave their segment by leaving the city first, and enter the destined segment by entering it from the outside going in.
      I assume you’ll know of this already.
      The argument that this is a response to the Climate Change issue, is a farce. The ultimate goal is to bring as many people in mega-cities, and control them by restrictions in movement and where about, creating a workforce that does all the work from home, supplying them with all the smart technology one can think of, including delivery at the front door of all that is needed, plus the use of a digital credit card, so that all payments are monitored from a central computer, including the nature of orders, spending of money for all sorts of purposes. All will be known of your private life, and the cameras placed everywhere, register when you leave the house or enter the house. In due time, the arrival of implants, nanotechnology, will create another level of control. For example, the vaccinated people will have access to certain services that are denied to the non vaccinated.
      That’s what’s called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, see what I mean? This entire initiative in Oxford is the start of what’s intended in The Great Reset of the WEF. Therefore, it’s wonderful that the roadblocks etc. are sabotaged. Like that demon in The Lord of the Ring, fighting Gandalf on that bridge, it shall not pass.

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  10. Excellent to see guys, I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I live in Italy & the green pass is here still, just under the radar. Bollox to W.E.F.

  11. The brave people of Oxford are on the front lines of our nations defence. We stand with them & hope their actions will inspire the whole country to fight against the tyrannical actions currently being undertaken by the likes of the WEF & associated globalists to enslave us.

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  14. Claire Newman

    This affects everyone in the U.K. and should be a priority to anyone who cares about freedom. We’re rallying people in Sheffield to come and join on the 18th.

  15. People need to wake up to the climate change con and fight for their communities. I applaud all those standing up to this tyranny. I lived in Oxford for 22 years and if I was still there, I’d be out on the streets with you wonderful, amazing, patriotic people.

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