Edinburgh Is Hiring A Replacement Sun

Recruitment for a climate coordinator has begun

Can anyone in their right mind explain what a climate coordinator is!?

Perhaps Scotland has seen such little sun that they have forgotten it exists all together?

The sun is what coordinates the climate here on earth. No amount of virtue signalling is going to change that.

Probably for the best, imagine if the sun gave a fuck about the virtue signalling of snowflake mainstream media believers? We would be in quite a predicament.

The great thing about the sun is that it also controls our climate to a large extent, completely for free. Someone should let the community renewal trust in Edinburgh that they can save £28k a year by just allowing the sun to do its job. Whilst they are at it, they could save a lot more money from dismantling all those costly, ineffective wind turbines.

Thankfully we can chill out and relax a bit and come to the understanding that the climate, the world, and perhaps the entire universe isn’t going to implode if you continue to drive the car of your choice and enjoy the bountiful abundance of this world.

We are countering deep brainwashing and propaganda

Incredibly huge amounts of money, time and effort has been spent in constructing a narrative that paints all human activity as world ending and the only solutions are less people, more tax, less cars and so on. Scotland has even launched a war on cars!

Countering this is quite the challenge, many people for some reason really want to believe that the end of the world is nigh.

Why is that? why are some people so fixated on the doomsday prophecies? Humans are wired to look out for danger, its a survival instinct, however gone are the times of imminent death around every corner so we have to evolve beyond our previous limitations.

This why The Climate Con network exists, to be a beacon of light & truth in a world gone mad and we wouldn’t be here without the support from the community, so thanks for that.

Also big thanks to the sun for giving us warmth, life and coordinating the climate. 🌞

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