Global Warming Causes Coldest Days Of The Century In 3 European Countries

Record-breaking cold is sweeping across parts of Europe as global warming is in full swing

Norway, Sweden, and Finland are all hitting their all-time lows for coldest days of this century.

How could this be the case, though?

We were promised global warming, even global boiling!

And yet, these Scandanavian nations are plunged into the coldest temperatures in decades.

Could it be that we have been lied to about the whole global warming farce?

Surely not. We can trust Greta Thunberg and Al Gore, right?

Nobody would ever lie just for financial gain and control, would they? That’s just a dangerous conspiracy theory or something!

Alright, enough mocking the mad greenies, although, honestly, I could do this all day

We know they are lying. Fear is being used to control the people and extort a lot of money from their wallets. Under the guise of protecting the planet from so-called man-made climate change, an entire barrage of restrictive government policies are being thrown out.

The most recent major battle happening right now is taking place on the streets of Germany, where the farmers are up in arms against the government’s policies.

So, what is causing these record cold temperatures?

Well, as has been discussed by scientists on various episodes of The Climate Con Podcast, we could well be entering a period of cooling, and a lot of it has to do with the sun.

Honestly, though, part of me hopes they are wrong. I’d like temps to get a little bit warmer. After you get past the lies that warming is bad for animal and human life and the planet, you understand that we could all really benefit hugely from things being a bit warmer here!

Check out this list of species that would benefit from things being a bit warmer as covered in our E-Book – The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con

It’s the sun, man

That massive nuclear reactor in the sky not so far away from Earth is what’s primarily driving temperature changes here on earth.

At least that’s what professor David Dilley suggested when he came on The Climate Con Podcast for our 6th episode.

Should this trend continue, any hope of maintaining the global warming/boiling narrative will simply simmer away.

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