What are 15 Minute Cities, LTN’s, CAZ & ULEZ?

Let’s unpack this letter salad…

What is a 15-minute city?

On the face of it, the idea of a 15-minute city sounds nice.

But as usual, virtue is being weaponised to remove freedoms from the people.

15-minute city is more like 15-minute tyranny.

The same goes for all of the recent acronyms popping up.

LTN, ULEZ, CAZ, 15MC all can simply be translated to:

Less freedom.

LTN – Low traffic neighbourhood
ULEZ – Ultra low emission zone
CAZ – Clean air zone

This handy video explains what we are dealing with:

It’s interesting how essentially the same war on freedom, cars, and our way of life has been given different names depending on where the schemes are being rolled out.

We recently secured a major victory against the LTN scheme, but we haven’t won yet.

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