Leeds Is Turning Into A 15 Minute Prison!

Chilling footage from a local resident shows the extent of the damage

Leeds is under attack. The city is being prepared to turn into a 15 minute prison as footage from a local resident shows the extent of the damage that has already happened.

The people of the UK so far this year have been taking on the zoning measures in every way possible, we are not going to stop!

What isn’t certain though is just how bad things will get before enough people begin to become concerned, certain tyranny hotspots are appearing in the UK whilst other areas are leading the charge in the resistance.

One thing for sure though, we here at The Climate Con network will not stop until we achieve victory against the zoning measures and dismantle The Climate Con!

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3 thoughts on “Leeds Is Turning Into A 15 Minute Prison!”

  1. Frederick Mann

    We are starting to see this happening around our country. No one is in favour of these actions being taken by our councils imposing their draconian measure upon the communities. Unless we take steps now to stop these actions our freedoms will be taken away one by one until we are all living in Gulags with no rights to move around. The power of the people must be demonstrated in none compliance by any means necessary. None payment of fines, with-holding council tax etc.

  2. Wow, it’s great to see people standing up for their rights and fighting against zoning measures. Let’s hope more people become aware and join the resistance. Keep up the good work, The Climate Con network!

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