The Netherlands Continues Its War On Farmers With Optional Compulsory Buyouts

Will the people comply?

What is driving the Dutch nation to attack itself and destroy the most important bedrock of its society — the industry that grows its food?

The government is attempting to buy out farmers. This isn’t your usual deal, though. The term being thrown around is ‘compulsory buyout’. However, just because government officials try to do something, just because they write and act with confidence, doesn’t mean they will be successful.

Make no mistake, though, The Climate Con (and its lies about the dangers of nitrogen) is a serious threat to the stability of our way of life on a global scale.

Imagine if you were a nation that was at war with another nation. Attacking the food supply would be high on your agenda, right!?

Here we have a country, The Netherlands that has been infiltrated from within and is marching towards a green suicide.

Somewhere in the bowels of that government, the agenda has been agreed upon to try and get rid of, or weaken, as many of its own people as possible.

Never forget, thought, every government NEEDS our compliance for its psychopathic agenda to work.

The scheme has been earmarked to run until February 2028, but EU approval only lasts as long as Dutch farmers agree to an absolute closure of their operations.

Governments NEED us to comply. Will the Dutch farmers submit? Let’s hope not.

Driving up the cost of living by having fewer farms and less food has a serious impact on those on the lowest income. This is a known fact. It’s not happening by accident.

Even though the nation is small, The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers, second only to the United States as a food producer and agricultural exporter. Makes sense why it is being targeted.

Under the guise of virtue, an anti-human mission is taking place.

Does it mean it will be successful? Well, that depends on people like me and you, doing our part to stand up for truth and push back against tyranny in all forms.

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