The Mainstream Media Has Completed Its Detachment From Reality

The last connection to the real world has been severed.

It appears the Mainstream Media (MSM) now actually live in their own version of reality, completely detached from what everyone else is experiencing.

They see blue when it’s green, they see hot when it’s cold, they see fire when it’s raining.

As we can see in the above video, the MSM have finally lost the plot. Rescue services should probably step in to save them from themselves before they hurt someone. Again.

What about Greece?

Even after authorities in Greece say they believe the fires to be caused by arsonists, the MSM has jumped onto the opportunity to try and once again throw fear into the minds of the people.

However, one wonders, does ANYONE actually believe what they say anymore?

Well, it appears the trend is showing that trust in the mainstream media is plummeting, and there is nothing that says this trend will not continue.

So, rejoice, friends who can think.

It appears we may see the complete demise of the mainstream media in our lifetime.

For now, we can watch as they depart from this reality and begin their journey into a new corner of the galaxy.

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