Climate Con Man John Kerry Resigns, Humanity Rejoices

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Kerry!

John Kerry is resigning after 3 years terrorising the people as chief climate con man of the Biden administration.

Well, what a shame, now who is going to wage war against the people?

Will this now mean that instead of trying to decimate the agricultural industry, Kerry might just chill out and go on a cruise or something?

At pushing 80, theres no need for him to continue to threaten the entire human race with insane green policies anymore, leave that to those with pep in their step, like Greta.

But who could forget such brilliant lines like the one he touted recently:

“Agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world. And we can’t get to Net Zero—we don’t get this job done—unless agriculture is front and centre as part of the solution.”

“You just can’t continue to both warm the planet, while also expecting to feed it. It doesn’t work. So we have to reduce emissions from the food system.”

~ John Kerry

There ain’t much global warming in those eyes…

MAYBE, just maybe, John realised that he actually likes to eat, perhaps thats why he is stepping down and stopping his campaign against the agricultural industry.

For whatever reason exactly, we are all pretty happy about this.

Cya Kerry!

Now, isn’t Germany in the middle of a revolution, fighting for the future of food, and therefore, humanity?

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