What Direction Will The Doomsday Pendulum Swing Today?

Are we burning or freezing?

One moment all we’re hearing is that we’ve only years to live before everything on Earth is destroyed and we’ll all be living in a burning hell.

Why, suspiciously, does the date on that gloomy forecast keep getting pushed back!?

Wonder why Greta deleted this tweet from 2018 . . .

And why were we previously being told that there was an ice age expected by 2050?

The main push of late has been that we’re all on fire and that everything is humanity’s fault — that we need fewer people, higher taxes, etc.

Before this, though, the opposite prediction was being made: we are all going to freeze to death and life as we know it on Earth will end.

I guess the narrative depends, from day to day, on where the money is to be made and on what fears can be ignited.

Even the Daily Mail reported in 2018 that we’re possibly entering a mini-ice age . . .

Now, I don’t know about you, but in the world I live in there’s something called temperature, where there are two sides to the spectrum. We have scorching hot and sweaty on one side and freezing cold on the other. Then in the middle we have the toasty, the cool, and the just right for living in. I’m not exactly sure where the scientists are coming from in saying that both sides can coexist next to each other.

As far as historical records go, the last time a mini-ice age took place was between the late-14th to mid-19th century, thanks to a reduction in the sun’s output of energy — also known as a grand solar minimum. The years 1615 to 1750 were supposedly particularly low, with people being able to skate on a frozen Thames and on canals in the Netherlands.

A few things, however, are for sure.

For one, the climate always has and always will be changing. When have you ever known the weather to be consistent year in and year out?

Secondly, whether the average temperature rises a degree or drops one or doesn’t do that much at all — it’s really not the death sentence that schools and the media have taught us to believe.

As a species, we humans are pretty adaptable. So are most animal species who share this fine Earth with us. So what if the summers are a little dryer than usual? Or a little wetter than usual? Or what if the winters are a bit windier? It won’t wipe us out. We’ll survive.

In fact, mild warming would be amazing for nearly all life on the planet, including us.

In the meantime, we can watch the doomsday cults from afar and see which cult’s trend takes the lead — global warming or global cooling . . .

Or perhaps global boiling will win?

What is for sure, though, is that the narrative is about to take a massive hit with the release of The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con.

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